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 Fresh Lv 100 Druid looking for Alliance guildHello, just hit 100 recently (as in yesterday).. but i'm looking to go alliance. Looking for an active guild with an active server! Not really looking to hardcore raid, just hang out, and maybe do normal raiding once in a while.Just want people to play with really :)Thanks everyone! 7/30/2015 10:48:01 Unknown Unknown    
 Protection Paladin 695 LF Alliance Guildooking to get back into raiding after i stopped at the end of the winter due to RL.

Raid times between 8:30 PM EST (i'm on AST) and the latest being 1:30AM EST (slightly flexible)

I'd like a guild that raids 3 days a week, but i'm open to 2 or 4 days.


Warcraftlogs: ...
7/30/2015 10:00:01 Alliance PvE    
 696 hunter and 697 Mage looking for a guild!!Hi all me and my friend are looking for a guild. We both have been playing wow for 5 plus years and have unfortunately had to leave our current guild due to raiders not showing up. Would love to hear from you guys thanks again for your time :) 7/30/2015 09:48:01 Unknown Unknown   MH
 706 Rogue LF Mythic progressionI am a 706 rogue (Combat/Assassination) looking for a mythic progression guild that is hopefully already established. My current home is having difficulties maintaining a full attendance for even normal/heroic clearing. I am interested in weeknight raiding but I am available for other times. I am able to provide logs for this tier during our heroic progression as well as last tier's after ... 7/30/2015 07:24:01 Unknown Unknown    
 711ilvl Elemental Shaman LF Mythic GUILDMultiple 95+ percentile Elemental Shaman looking for mythic progression guild.Current Progression: 13/13 HeroicPref Times: 8pm - 12pm Monday-Thursday (Pref 3 nights, will consider 4)ALLIANCE ONLY!!! 7/30/2015 07:24:00 Unknown Unknown    
 Mage looking for guildFire mage looking for a casual raiding guild on the Madoran/Dawnbringer servers. I don't have to raid right away im looking for a guild this is active I am willing to earn my spot raiding when IM ready 7/30/2015 04:12:02 Unknown Unknown    
 693 Veteran Warrior LF Semi Hardcore Guild Hi all,Recently returned back to the game after a brief hiatus to find that my guild had merged with another guild, which is why I'm looking for a new home! I've been playing the game on and off like a lot of people for almost ten years now. For ten years, I've always strived to make myself the best at my class that I could be. I like to surround myself with like-minded individuals that enjoy ... 7/30/2015 03:12:01 Unknown Unknown    
 697ish Druid looking for weekend raidingHey guys, I'm looking for a raiding guild that raids friday-sunday and after 7:30PST preferably.I currently have my t18 4 set. Right now I play Mainspec Tank and offset boomkin. Last tier I played boomkin resto. I like to switch around a lot and am comfortable in any roll. I am currently 13/13 N and 12/13 H with experience in p4 on Archimonde. I have been raiding progression for over 8 years. I ... 7/30/2015 02:24:01 Unknown Unknown    
 711Ilvl MW Looking for Mythic Raiding Guild!Sapnis#1225 - 4 set, and Legendary Ring! 7/30/2015 01:36:01 Unknown Unknown    
 719 RSham LFHardcore GuildGuild of 3+ years finally folded, looking for a new home.Looking for a guild that raids either high hours+ extremely high progression.ORA guild that raids low hours with high progression (time efficient).Have raided with and attained top US kills in the past. 7/30/2015 00:48:00 Unknown Unknown    
 689 Resto Druid LF Raid GuildDoesn't have to be mythic level but a competent group making progression is fine with me. Also don't want a guild where everyone has a stick up there !@#. Late nights are preferable 7/30/2015 00:00:00 Unknown Unknown    
 696 Holy Priest LF Raid GroupLF a guild that's focused on progression but is still fun. Willing to transfer/faction change if needed.PretzelBear#1833 7/29/2015 23:12:00 Unknown Unknown    
 [H] Looking for level 70 or 80 twink guildAs the title says. bnet id is Xjum#1772, friend me and message or reply to thread 7/29/2015 22:24:01 Unknown Unknown    
 695, Multiple tiers top 100 U.S. rogue LFGI'll avoid spinning a large yarn and try to keep this brief - recruitment posts are where things generally should get long. =PAbout me.Simply say that I've been raiding on my rogue for upwards of ten years and know my class very well - and have plenty of kills (as well as the corresponding achievements). That said, there are gaps in the history and content I didn't clear in a timely manner. Over ... 7/29/2015 22:24:00 Unknown Unknown    
 [H] Prot Warrior LF Late Night GuildHey Everyone! The title can only really explain everything I am looking for in a guild so hopefully you continue to read on and see what I am looking for! I am a pretty social guy and enjoy being social with everyone I am playing this game with. I am looking for a guild that is quite active with a decent amount of members that really are social, don't just log on and stay idle in G chat. I ... 7/29/2015 21:36:01 Unknown Unknown    
 Looking for a guild.Am currently looking for a guild in the horde on Wyrmrest Accord Realm,my ilvl is 680 and i like PvP and PvE.I would like to find a guild with at least 250+ player.Thanks for your time.Ruloc*No spams please* 7/29/2015 21:36:01 Unknown Unknown    
 fury warrior looking for nz raiding guild from aucks looking for nz raiding guild that suits my working hours any time 7pm till 10pm or something similar 7/29/2015 21:36:01 Unknown Unknown    
 697 MW LF GuildOk since my last post i didn't find a guild that fits me.I'm looking for a new group that's 10/13 N or Heroic 1/13 H. I am looking for a Horde guild that's on a medium to High pop server. I can raid M/W/TH from 7-10 CST ( might change because of my job ). My Current Guild disbanded the raid team i was in. I would like to see Mythic content.. I'm also looking for a guild that doesn't only log in ... 7/29/2015 21:36:01 Unknown Unknown    
 693 Mage Looking for Progression693 Mage looking for a new home for progression. I'm looking for a guild that is working their way through H HFC with plans on mythic. Looking for 2-3 nights per week, Sun through Thurs. Looking for late night because of my work schedule. I can't raid before midnight EST, 9 PST. Willing to server/faction change for a good fit. If you think we're a good fit, we should talk. Haaken#1468 7/29/2015 21:36:01 Unknown Unknown    
 698 returning lock lf weeknight raid grouptooka break a week or after HFC hit due to work looking to get back into progression looking for a tues wed thurs night group anytime after 7 central 7/29/2015 21:36:01 Unknown Unknown    
 711 Ele shaman with legendary lfgLooking for a guild that raids between 8PM-12AM EST. Also hoping to find one that is least 4/13M. Would prefer Horde but willing to go Alliance if the fit is good. Logs here: 7/29/2015 21:36:01 Unknown Unknown    
 [H] 695 Ele Sham LFGTook a little break before BRF ended, looking for a new group/raid that matches my schedule. Looking for Fri/Sat night groups, prefer to end no later than 1:30 am EST. Willing to xfer is the fit is right. I am willing to do raids during any other night but PREFER to have end time around 11 pm. 7/29/2015 21:36:01 Unknown Unknown    
 Destro Lock LF guild (Eastern Time)Returning to the game and I'm looking to go back to raiding. Looking for a guild that has a steady raiding schedule and is looking for a destro/aff lock. I will cross-realm/cross faction for a guild that is willing to take me. I don't have gear at the moment as I said I have been away from the game and I am now farming Tanaan to gear up. If interested thanks pst me in game or right here, I play ... 7/29/2015 20:36:00 Unknown Unknown    
 [A] - 700 BM Monk LF Late Night Raiding guild (PST 9:00 or later)Hello potential teammates,

My name is Ky├┤shi, and I am a 700ilvl Brewmaster looking for a new team to join as we journey through HFC and beyond together. RL issues dictate that my availability to raid is as follows:
I'm looking to join a team that starts raiding around 9:00pst (8:30 would technically be fine; I just may be a few minutes late here and there), preferably runs about ...
7/29/2015 20:00:01 Alliance PvE    
 Boomkin LF Early Morning raid guild!Hey all, been maining druid since vanilla (boomkin since tbc) and am currently on the lookout for an early morning raid guild. Ideally due to my work schedule I am looking for a group that runs anytime between 9 am est to 2pm est. Can be any day of the week, that part doesn't matter as much. I have previous US top 100 experience, and mythic brf experience this xpac (my guild died) If you are a ... 7/29/2015 19:00:01 Unknown Unknown    
 712 Warlock LF High end GuildLF new home, all inquiries go to town leave ur Btags and ill message you accordingly 17/17M last tier and a couple downed thus far this tier. let me knowRing and Arch trinket aquired. 7/29/2015 19:00:01 Unknown Unknown    
 698 Boomkin LF Raiding guild9/10 Mythic BRF 13/13 Heroic Alt looking for a late night raiding guild either on the weekends (Friday/ Saturday preferred) or during the week. Current raid schedule isSunday/Monday/Tuesday - 8pm to 12an ESTAlt Boomkin Heroic Raiding guild looking to push Mythic raids in a timely manner. Battle Tag: Ghostbear#1738My main is a 9/10 Mythic BRF 13/13 Heroic Warlock so I know all the fights from a ... 7/29/2015 19:00:01 Unknown Unknown    
 707 MM Hunter LF Mythic GuildLooking for a 2-4 day a week mythic raiding guild. Would like to stay on horde, but will consider ally guilds. Have my 4pce and legendary ring upgrade once.Currently 12/13H with many attempts on Arch.Was 5/7M in HM and 6/10M in BRF. Would like a guild with similar progression or further.Current logs: always show up on time and ... 7/29/2015 18:12:00 Unknown Unknown    
 Boomkin Looking for guild my guild moved to Final Fantasy 14 ARR as did i but i stil like to play wow so if anyone would be looking for a good boomy i just need some better gear to push some good numbers. I also have many other toons that i play. 7/29/2015 17:24:07 Unknown Unknown    
 (A) Ex-top 100 druid or priest LF homehi. I recently took a break from wow for the summer to work abroad, and am returning home in 2 weeks. I'd like to find a 2-3 day raiding guild who is both fun and competitive in progression. I'm looking to play my druid mostly, but would be willing to play my priest under the right circumstances. I can play any spec, but enjoy dps more than healing.My past experiences include raiding with some ... 7/29/2015 16:36:01 Unknown Unknown   DPr
 Feral Druid LF GuildI am currently 13/13 Normal HFC. 12/13 Heroic HFC. 1/13 HFC. I can raid any time. I prefer Alliance side, but horde could be an option.I am looking for a progressing guild working on mythic or end of heroics going into mythic. My Btag is: Lajv#1424Add me for any questions or want to talk. Thank you! 7/29/2015 16:36:00 Unknown Unknown    
 678 warr lf raiding guild678 pvp geared warrior LF raiding guild (new to pve but wanna start with it. i have cleared soO on heroic so im new completley new. im good at learning mechanics and cooperating with other players. want to start mythic raiding in next xpac and want a guild to invest a lot of time in. i can be tank or dps whatever you are looking for. not so experienced with tanking though. im on kazzak.Guys did i ... 7/29/2015 15:00:00 Unknown Unknown    
 687 Lock and 697 Druid LF Casual RaidingI am a 697 Guardian/Resto Druid and my wife is 684 Affliction Warlock.. We are currently looking for a new raiding home. We prefer to raid two days a week and would like raid times starting no later than 7 EST. 7/29/2015 15:00:00 Unknown Unknown   DWk
 Warlock lf guildHey all!I'm a long time player (early vanilla), I've been playing rather casually this expansion but want to get back into raiding. I'll list my raiding exp so you can have a better look at my experience.Vanilla: Cleared upto razorgore.TBC: cleared upto sunwellWOTLK: cleared everythingCata : cleared dragon soul MOP: Cleared SoOWod: killed 5/7 HM, BRF: n/a , HFC (normal) 12/12as you can see I've ... 7/29/2015 14:12:02 Unknown Unknown    
 Experienced Blood DK lf LATE casual raidingOk so let me start this off by reiterating the fact that I need LATE raiding. I don't get home from work until 10:30 CST so any time at or after that would be fine. Preferably a casual 2 night a week guild, no more than 3.About me- I am a tank of 5 years. I started as a tank from the first day I started playing this game and that's all I've done and all I want to do. I've been part of casual ... 7/29/2015 14:00:01 Unknown Unknown    
 710 R Druid LF Mythic GuildMid to Late afternoon guildsAt least 2/13 MythicNot LF a guild just starting upHave a historyChill, relaxed group of peopleOnly prefer TeamSpeak or VentPrefer Loot CouncilPrefer 3 - 4 days a week (9 - 12 hours/week)I only OS as kitty or bear for dungeons. I will not ever do anything but heal in raid unless it's one of those nights where we're having fun and livin' it up.Leave btag. I'll get back ... 7/29/2015 12:24:01 Unknown Unknown    
 Tank LF Normal HFC ProgressionHello, I am a blood tank. I enjoy tanking quite a bit, and have always had a tanking raid character active, except this expansion. I have a lot of experience, and the wiping tolerance of a heroic casual progression guild. I am very laid back, and enjoy playing a great game with some friends. So if you are in need of a tank please leave a reply and i will get back to you as soon as possible. You ... 7/29/2015 12:24:01 Unknown Unknown    
 685 Ret Pally LF Progression!Hey all!I'm 9/10H BRF as a BM monk took a break for a new job and want to get back into raiding.LOOKING FOR:Alliance raid team progressing through BRF don't really care about how far in just that there is a consistent raid schedule.2-3 Nights a week 6-9, 7-10 or 8-11 ESTSome info:I have played all roles and have held all different guild positions. MOP included guild and raid leading transitioning ... 7/29/2015 10:48:00 Unknown Unknown    
 Looking for a mature and social mature guildim here to search for a good social mature (20+) raiding guild with activity and helpful in all ways. so tierd of looking in trade and get randomly inv from guilds. since my previous guild got disbanded and my friends quit and moved to other realms i would like to get a fresh run. my main is a boomkin os resto with 688ilvl replay here and i will contact you in game thanks. ps i can move realm to. 7/29/2015 10:48:00 Unknown Unknown    
 708 Rogue LF Weekend GuildLooking for weekend guild that raids late on Friday and Sat. nights. Currently spec'd Combat/Assassination. Tons of raiding experience. Looking for a Mythic type guild. Faction does not matter.Bnet = Onstriker#1979 7/29/2015 09:12:01 Unknown Unknown    
 686 dps or healing priest lf 6-9 estLike the title says, I'm looking for a guild that raids 6-9 est, any days sun-thurs. really only looking for 2-3 nights, but given the lack of guilds raiding this early, I'm up for anything.These times are not negotiable, either way. I'm willing to raid less a night, but I can't start before 6, and it's highly unlikely I'll raid later than 9. I am a highly competent raider. Having been raiding ... 7/29/2015 09:12:00 Unknown Unknown    
 694 MM hunter LF a new homeI've been raiding with my current guild for over a year and now due to work schedules I no longer have the pleasures of raiding with them as often as I would like. Now I'm searching for an active progression raiding guild to call home. I'm available between 8am-11am PST or 8:30pm-12am PST. Willing to realm change, preferably staying Horde side though. I main a 694 hunter, with 686 frost DK and ... 7/29/2015 04:12:01 Unknown Unknown    
 Shadow Priest LF Guild!!Hello! I am currently playing a feral druid, but want to switch to shadow priest. I am 13/13 Normal HFC. 12/13 Heroic HFC. And 1/13 Mythic HFC. My shadow priest is 685 item level, but I am working on gearing her up. I can always play my feral druid, but prefer to play shadow priest now into this new raid. I have been playing Feral Druid since Vanilla WoW, but currently Feral isnt as great as it ... 7/29/2015 02:36:01 Unknown Unknown    
 696 tank looking for guildI currently main an enhance shaman, possibly looking to switch back to tanking. Was 6/7 mythic as a tank in highmaul and switched to shaman in BRF. Talk more @Catnaros#1278 7/29/2015 01:48:01 Unknown Unknown    
 693 Mage LF ProgressionAs the title states, I'm a 693 mage returning after a break for almost all of BRF. I was 3/7 M HM when I took my break. I'm looking to get back raiding heroics and progress into mythic. So far in HFC, I've cleared 10/13N and 1/13H. I'm currently specced Arcane/Frost but can/will play whatever is necessary for progression.I'm available Sunday through Thursday but I cannot, I repeat CANNOT raid ... 7/29/2015 01:00:01 Unknown PvE    
 [H] 708 (2-set) Destro LF Heroic ArchimondeLooking for a group for AoTC. I know the fight inside and out, feel free to invite if you are in need of a reliable ranged to secure a kill. Eck#1507, thanks for your time. 7/29/2015 00:48:01 Unknown PvP    
 691 frost dk Lf weekend guildI have switch mains for 6.2, I am 1/7 M HM and 10/10 heroic BRF. These short weeks into HFC i only got 4/13 normal. I'm looking for a guild that raids Sat-Monday night raids.Most fights I pull over 37k.I want to stay alliance 7/29/2015 00:00:03 Unknown Unknown    
 Monk LF Late Night or Morning Raiding GuildHi there!Veteran, experienced player and raider looking for a late night/morning guild. I can transfer servers as need be, but I'm looking for something that's either Before 4:00PM CST, or after 1:30AM every day. Currently looking for something like a casual-core guild. I'm looking for a group of folks who play together, and who are into also downing things at a relevant-ish pace. I don't want to ... 7/29/2015 00:00:03 Unknown Unknown    
 Tank 702 DK Looking for heroic HF GuildMy Connected Realms are: Rivendare, Firetree, Drak'tharon, Malorne, Spirestone and Stormscale. I prefer a Friday /Sat or with a weekday for a 3 day a week schedule or a Two day schedule during the week. I am always on time and ready to start with all Food, Flask . I currently only have 6/13 experience but can learn any boss pretty quick with a few pointers. please add me petrone#1349 if you have ... 7/29/2015 00:00:02 Unknown Unknown    
 680 mage lf raid guildbtag is joe#13429Raided start of expansion, took break in March and now getting back into the game.Current guild fell apart.Raiding experience this expansion: Margok: 12/28/14Heroic Blackhand: 2/25/154/7M HM1/10M BRFLooking for something in the ... 7/28/2015 23:12:00 Unknown Unknown    

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