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 701 hunter 700 priest 695 dk LF GUILDWe have 3 good players here looking for a heroic HFC progression guild.thats looking to push for mythicWe are 12/13 normal and 8/13 heroic. 701 MM hunter700 holy priest695 frost dkWe are willing to do a trial run so the guild can see if we are right for their team and if so, we are willing to transfer over.We are ambitious dedicated always on time hardly ever miss raid days.We're available for ... 7/06/2015 18:24:14 Unknown Unknown   DkPrH
 [H]693 Prot warrior LFG guildFirst major thing: Can't raid on Thursdays past 10PM eastern time. And I would prefer to stay horde.I am 7/7H(tank), 10/10H(tank), 11/13N(as dps) with no mythic exp this expansion. I was 11/14H in 10man heroic in Siege on this character and my brewmaster monk.Looking for a 2 day raiding guild. Can do 3 if it seems like a good fit. Not looking for anything hardcore. Mythic isn't a big concern for ... 7/06/2015 18:24:14 Unknown Unknown    
 looking for a casual guildJust made a horde character on zangarmarsh and haven't played horde in a while. Looking for a casual fun friendly guild to join. I'm mostly quiet but i try and help any guild members that are around my level out. I don't pvp much but when i get to the right level i like running the looking for raids and dungeons. 7/06/2015 17:36:25 Unknown Unknown    
 674 Fury war LF new homeJust came back after an on and off break, looking to seriously raid. :) 7/06/2015 16:48:09 Unknown Unknown    
 693 Resto Druid and friends LF new homeA few friends and I are looking for a new guild to call home. A fresh start. We will be making our decision together. There will be about 5 of us maybe more. Some like to raid, some do not. Please include your raid time and progression in your message. What do you do other than raiding, and pvp, that sets you apart from other guilds? How friendly and helpful would you truly say your guild is? ... 7/06/2015 16:48:04 Unknown Unknown    
 696 tank LF guildTank looking for a no pressure, chilled out group to run raids with. Thursday-Saturday, 9 P.M. PST(11 P.M. CENT) are my available times to raid. 7/06/2015 16:00:03 Unknown Unknown    
 686 Rogue LF GuildWilling to server Xfer but i would prefer to trial cross-realm before i spend the dough. Iv had loads of raiding experience just trying to find a group that's put together well run and focused on progression. 7/06/2015 14:12:02 Unknown Unknown    
 700ilvl lock Lf morning raiding guildHI, as stated I am looking for a morning raiding guild. I am previously 7/10mythic brf, and my guild fell apart after things got slow. I am looking for a new laid back place to call home and continue raiding. I prefer a laid back setting nothing serious i like to enjoy the game not stress over it . times between 7 and 12 are nice central time that is thank you:) 7/06/2015 12:36:04 Unknown Unknown    
 691 Resto Shaman LF Late Night Progression Hey Guys,Experienced Resto Shaman looking for a heroic to mythic level guild. I'm specifically looking for late night progression-oriented guilds between the hours of 11PM-2AM Central Time, Sunday to Thursday. Exp: 14/14M SoO, 7/7H Highmaul, 10/10H Blackrock Foundry(I would have progressed in Mythics last tier, however with upcoming computer issues, I could not handle mythic progression and sat ... 7/06/2015 12:36:03 Unknown Unknown    
 692 warrior TANK LF guild.692 warrior tank LF guild that raids around 11pm EST. Looking to raid 3-4 times a week and push into mythic progression. Willing to change factions and servers. Btag: tiny16#1733 7/06/2015 12:36:02 Unknown Unknown    
 Hunter looking for guild for raidsHey there,Currently after doing raid finder and enjoying it alot, I thought I might as well try and find a guild/group of friends to play with to do heroics/mythic with.My item level at the moment is 648I know my character pretty well and always up for improvingI'm free any time to raid :)If you are interested just reply, or send a message or add me on skype: rich.uglow1 7/06/2015 10:12:01 Unknown Unknown    
 [A] 692 MM Hunter LF GuildExp 9/13N.Logs exist.Gear is in armory.I can make anything 6pm-2am CSTEmraldfire#1917Can't transfer right away. 7/06/2015 09:24:04 Unknown Unknown    
 DK Tank LF Raiding GuildHaven't done much this expansion but I wanna pick things back up again. Looking for a guild that is just starting out again this expansion. 7/06/2015 09:24:03 Unknown Unknown    
 [A] 670 warrior tank LF raiding guild. Info in desc.Hello!I am a very experienced tank, I used to tank alot back in the days, but I've been on hiatus for quite some time. (School + work had me too worked up to keep playing.)I recently returned because I thought the time was right, and real life approved of it, lol.Anyways, hit me up at Znoopy#2515 for a small talk :) 7/06/2015 07:48:02 Alliance Unknown    
 Mage looking for a stable raiding guildHi everyone reading my post!A bit about myself:I have been playing this game since vanilla, as almost everyone, I took a break here and there, rerolled to different classes, and so on., . I've spent most of the time as a melee dps but recently I am trying hard to hit stuff from a more further distance, with my mage.I'm a bit of a 'new' player when it comes to ranged dps, but I always try to ... 7/06/2015 06:48:04 Unknown Unknown    
 681 Prot Warrior LF Late night Guild PSTBeen around since vanilla, stopped playing when BRF came out did like 1 heroic boss in there. Have AOTC from Highmaul. I work sunday-thursday until 1130pm Pacific Standard Time, then after i'll be on until 9am. Weekends are fine and can be able to be ready anytime. 26 years old and know how the game works, been raiding since 2005, MC, ONY, Kara, SSC, Gruul, Naxx(WOTLK), EOE, Dragon Soul, and ... 7/06/2015 05:12:01 Unknown Unknown    
 Rerolling Mistweaver LF guildHi all, Currently I'm looking to reroll MW due to finding it the most fun and involving healer along with the added complexity of the class over others and I'm looking for somewhere that could accommodate me.Yes rerolling does mean my gear is so-so currently around 680/685ilvl.I'm currently 9/13HC and 13/13Normal with previous heroic / mythic back since I started in WotLK.I'm looking for a guild ... 7/06/2015 04:24:01 Unknown Unknown    
 695 dk lf late night mythic guildLookin for a guild that raids 2-4 days per week starting at 9pm (central) or laterCan also play any healer and potentially can main swap to fill gaps when needed can be competitive with any class (Also have a 690 mage). Previous exp is 6/7 mythic highmaul pre Brf.Leave ur battetags/spams etc or add me Saed#1158 7/06/2015 03:36:26 Unknown Unknown    
 686 Frost Mage LF Raid Guild on BlackrockHey, first time doing this sooo... Yeah, i'm looking for a guild that's not super hardcore into raiding. I'm looking for something casual, like a normal HFC progression guild. Don't really have a set schedule, but I am on almost every night. 7/06/2015 02:00:21 Unknown PvP    
 Disc Priest LF Raiding GuildExperienced, dependable player, looking for a stable, friendly, raiding environment. Available weeknights after 6:00 pm Pacific time. Thanks for your time. HappyElf#1830 7/06/2015 02:00:21 Unknown Unknown    
 702 Prot warrior LF Active HFC heroic guild! Hey!i have been playing the game for many years now and have strictly played my warrior, i feel as tho i know him perfectly and fill confident with him. i am an expeirenced player who completed 5/10 mythic BRF but then had to take a month break, i am back now and ready to get into HFC asap! with a guild looking for future mythic progression! my raid times are felxible and am willing to transfer ... 7/06/2015 02:00:20 Unknown Unknown    
 696 tank LF raid guild696 Tank LF relaxed, drama free raid team; Thur-Sat, after 9 P.M. PST(11 P.M. central). 7/06/2015 01:00:02 Unknown Unknown    
 noob looking for guildI know I"m very late to the WoW party, but I literally just started playing this game for the first time today. I've liked it so far, although it's painfully obvious I don't know what I'm doing. The only other MMO I've ever played is Star Wars the Old Republic.I'd like to join a guild, and I'd appreciate if someone could show me the ropes to this game.edit: For what this is worth, the reason I'm ... 7/06/2015 01:00:02 Unknown Unknown    
 [A] Arms Warrior LF Casual Raid Team.Hello All,I'm currently a human warrior looking for a casual raid team for the rest of Warlords of Draenor and for hopefully the future World of Warcraft expansions. I understand many guilds copy and paste there current needs and/or requirements but I'd ask if you all would please take a moment to view my character to see if I'd be a fit for your guild! I'm also more than willing to fill out any ... 7/06/2015 01:00:02 Unknown Unknown    
 698 Hunter LF Mythic Raiding GuildLast serious guild died back in Highmaul before BRF came out and went casual. Looking to get back into serious raiding again. Can make any days and times but prefer to end before 2 A.M EST if possible.Not much progression after going 6/7 Mythic Highmaul before BRF and just a few early kills in HFC with my girlfriend and her guild on Zul'Jin.Logs:After transferring: ... 7/06/2015 01:00:01 Unknown Unknown    
 IL 694 Resto Druid LF heroic HFCHello all I made a post recently about looking for a guild. I got tons of responses despite my IL.I have worked hard and got up to 694 and I am looking for a heroic HFC guild. I am currently running normals with a guild which is fine but I want to see these raids in mythic. I have ranked in warcraft logs you can look me up there.Pretty much any raid day is fine. I work from home.If you would like ... 7/06/2015 00:12:04 Unknown Unknown    
 651 Resto Druid LF Alliance GuildI am a level 651 Resto Druid with some experience. I have been out of the game a few months or so, and would like to gear up toward the new content/raids. I am currently on Terokkar but I am finding it hard to find a guild to gear up and raid with. Preferred raid times would be 10pm to midnight, EST any night of the week, max 2 to 3 though. I work 12 hour days so earlier really isn't an option. A ... 7/06/2015 00:12:03 Unknown Unknown    
 Tank LF chill raid team.696 Tank LF relaxed raid team; Thur-Sat, after 9 P.M PST. server. Reply or message me in game me for info.Riotact1988#1888 7/05/2015 23:24:08 Unknown Unknown    
 Mage or Resto Shammy LF Raiding Guild Hey guys i'm looking for a raiding guild but I've been out of the game for a bit so little behind on gear. I have no problems waiting during progression as long as I can get my chance through farm nights/alt raids until i get caught up and prove myself.Preferences:Hordelittle bit later (8pm CST or later would be pref)Mythic raidingIf your reading this far and interested you're probably wondering ... 7/05/2015 22:36:01 Unknown Unknown   SM
 691 Prot Paladin LF Alliance Mythic Guild9/10 H BRF with 60ish pulls on blackhand, 3/7M Highmaul (Kargath, Braken, Twins)

Looking to get back into raiding after i stopped at the end of the winter due to RL. Would like a guild that is going to clear mythic while it's current.

Raid times between 8:30 PM EST (i'm on AST) and the latest being 1:30AM EST (slightly flexible)

I'd like a guild that raids 3 days ...
7/05/2015 22:00:01 Alliance PvE    
 Blood DK looking for raiding guildI'm looking for something a bit different than most guilds. I am searching for a guild that can clear heroics within the first few weeks of new content, but doesn't want to really push progress in mythic that much.I have experience with mythic raiding, and was in a top 500 guild during Highmaul. While doing mythic progression, I quickly realized that I did not care for mythic progression enough ... 7/05/2015 21:48:01 Unknown Unknown    
 656 DPS shaman looking for Thrall Guild656 DPS shaman looking for Thrall GuildUsually online 7pm-12pm ESTLooking for a casual raiding guild. I could commit to some weekly raids at a set time tooThanks for taking the time to read!Chris 7/05/2015 21:48:01 Unknown PvE    
 698 Elemental Shaman LF Mythic GuildHello peeps I would like to get back into serious raiding after a very long break of being casual/semi-hardcore... I'm looking for anything after 7 PST. as i work and have kids and are not able to commit to a earlier when that. Experience:SSC cleared while currentMH while currentBT While Current casual during Ulduar 12/12 Heroic ICC6/7 Heroic Firelands8/8 Heroic DS3/6 Heroic MSV13/14 Heroic SoO ... 7/05/2015 21:48:01 Unknown Unknown    
 702ish hunter LF LATE night or WEEKENDHey yawl. Purge recently broke up, and I'd like to still raid on my hunter. I'm around 702 item level, and I have 2pc already, so I'm pretty decently geared for progression already. .It's my alt, but I mained it most of BRF progression.Raid times would HAVE to be either on Friday and Saturday, or after 12:30 EST on weeknights. I can also do morning if it was a thing.gates#1337 if you're ... 7/05/2015 21:48:01 Unknown Unknown    
 698 Paladin Tank [A] LF Late night raiding.Hello,First off, thanks for taking time to read this spot...Right now, my working schedule has changed since the beginning of summer and things have started cranking to where I'm not getting in before 9:30-10:00 EST pm most nights anymore... My current guild, that I love dearly and seriously hate to leave, runs from 8:00 pm - 11:00 pm EST. I just can't make the nights anymore.I'm looking for a ... 7/05/2015 21:00:01 Unknown Unknown    
 699 Hunter LF Weekend GuildBecause of my job I need to switch to a weekend guild. Whether it be fri/sat/sun just needs to be those days.I raided in a top 20 US guild in MoP and have steadily gone down on hours since than. I was 8/10M BRF before I had to stop raiding during the week for work. I have a DK also but its lower ilvl but can tank/dps on that as well if that is what your looking for.For more info :Add Dualz#1955 7/05/2015 21:00:01 Unknown Unknown    
 675 Disc LF raiding guild...Prefer the weekends but weekday evenings work as well. I have been playing off and on since vanilla and am new back since MOP. Have not had a chance to get into any of the new raids yet.Greybush#1163 7/05/2015 20:12:07 Unknown Unknown    
 703 Hunter LF Mythic Raiding Guild Current guild is not able to recover from a loss of leadership and is no longer raiding. I'm ideally looking for a 3-4 day guild but I'd be ok with more. Would prefer Horde but I'm open to discussion.Current Progress: 6/7M 9/10M 13/13N 11/13HLogs: free to add me or post here.Kold#1606 7/05/2015 18:24:01 Unknown Unknown    
 Disc Priest and Resto Shaman LF GuildWe are looking for a guild that raids 3-5 nights/wk. Hours anywhere from 7pm EST - 12am EST. Nothing later than that.We want a drama-free environment filled with raiders that have like-minded attitudes. Intelligent players and conversations during raid are a plus. Not looking for a guild filled with raid loggers, we like the community aspect of the guild.We are both experienced raiders. Tons of ... 7/05/2015 17:36:05 Unknown Unknown   SPr
 Warrior looking for raiding guild 695ilvl I'm 17 from swedenI'm 10/13 on Normal and 4/13 HcIve only played with randoms in the Looking For Grp system ingame.Im good at know tacts and are an good teamplayer 7/05/2015 17:36:05 Unknown Unknown    
 690 hunter LF guildHi i'm a 690 mm hunter LF for a causal active guild preferably on a pst realm. I'm open anytime after 8 pm everyday I can shift things around to make some times work.Thanks Hunt Btag - Tyler#11749 7/05/2015 17:36:05 Unknown Unknown    
 Fury warrior looking for homeHey folks!I'm a vanialla player that's just getting into this xpan (late I know). I'm trying to find a guild that raids 3-4 nights a week, does ptr for new xpan/raids, etc. I should at least be somewhere in the mid 670s by the end of this weekend and pushing for 690 by the end of next week. If you have a dps that doesn't show up often give me a shout! I'd also be willing to reroll prot if you're ... 7/05/2015 16:48:02 Unknown Unknown    
 Looking for a hardcore guild HFC 6/13h 12/13n BRF 10/10h 2/10mHM 7/7h 2/7mCan raid anyday pref later at night like 6-7 to 12or11 7/05/2015 16:48:01 Unknown Unknown    
 (Tank) Blood DK LF PvE GuildHello im a Blood DK item level 695 looking for a Raiding Guild. needs to do atleast 3 raid days a week and preferably after 19.00.. if you wish to contact me ingame or have any questions for me add my Btag: Lillith#2921 . im currently 9/!3 Hellfire Citadel Normal. i have tanked HM BRF and now HFC. so i got my fair share of experience.. 7/05/2015 16:48:01 Unknown PvE    
 689 Fury Warrior LF Weekend Raiding Guild.I have other classes I can play as well (Dk tank, Resto Druid, Etc..) would prefer to stay Fury Warrior, as it's my most geared toon. I'm looking to raid any days Thursday through Sunday as work keeps me from raiding during the week. Would prefer a guild that is either starting in H HFC or seriously plans to progress into it. My BTAG is Levensailor#1652, feel free to message me or post with ... 7/05/2015 16:00:02 Unknown Unknown    
 Disc priest lf progress guild aiming for mythicHi.Disc priest 697 ilvl lf a guild.I´m interested in progression, and looking for a guild with the same goals. My goal is to find a guild that progresses in a steady pace and are aiming to clear all content, preferably on mythic (atleast some progression on mythic).I am avalible for raiding in the evenings atleast 3 times a week.My character is currently on Arathor but I am willing to transfer if ... 7/05/2015 15:12:07 Unknown Unknown    
 Fury Warrior looking for casual raiding guild SlvmoonHi AllI've recently come back to the game and have decided to start fresh and roll a new main. Ive played since vanilla and have raided since BC. I play on Silvermoon and im active most nights but i cant commit to a heavy hardcore raid schedule. Ive just hit 100 so am currently gearing up in the jungle.Thanks for reading 7/05/2015 15:12:07 Unknown Unknown    
 Looking for casual raiding guild.Hi, me and around 4 or 5 friends of mine are all looking for a casual guild to join to begin making new friendships and to explore the World of Warcraft with on the Dalaran server.We are all generally new but have picked up the game fairly quickly, some of us are looking for a guild in which we can join to begin doing hard and (maybe even) mythic raids. I myself am an warrior tank looking to ... 7/05/2015 15:12:07 Unknown Unknown    
 699 rshaman LF raiding guild!Hi all!Currently in need of a new guild.Exp is 6/7M Highmaul, 6/10M BRF.My armory is on the left.Due to working shifts I'd really be looking at a guild which ends before 22:00st or a weekend guild with decent times if any are out there. I'm nightshift every 2nd week (Mon-Fri) so every other week I can raid as late as necessary.Please post your current progression, days of raiding, and your ... 7/05/2015 14:24:01 Unknown Unknown    
 705 DPS Warrior LF Mythic Raiding guild705 Fury/Arms 13/13N 11/13H LF Mythic raiding guild. I recently have realized Purge can't recover after a shift in leadership that forced me to step away from the guild. Not enough players to progress into mythic has made me realize that my time this tier would be better spent elsewhere.Parses: am available to raid anytime in ... 7/05/2015 14:24:01 Unknown Unknown    

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