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 668 Hunter LF Raiding Spot.Experienced Raider Looking to Start raiding with a group, Willing to transfer server. Im flexible with Raid Times and i dont stand in the fire. 4/18/2015 20:24:00 Unknown Unknown    
 ilvl 629 prot pally looking for guildjust came back looking for a guild to get me going!pst me in game @ Ilikebigmobs or quickillz 4/18/2015 19:24:00 Unknown Unknown    
 687 Disc Priest LF Mythic guildHello, my name is Ahura, 10/10H disc priest and I'm looking for a guild in a high Pop. sever that needs a healer. If you have any questions feel free to add me on Btag (I'm open the rest of the day) at Baconade#1704. I have no problems with switching server, or even factions, so everyone hit me up. If your guild sounds good I'll trial with you and we can talk more details from there. Thanks. 4/18/2015 18:36:00 Unknown Unknown    
 690 Rogue LF Mythic weekend raidin guildHello,I am currently looking for a guild working on mythic BRF, and that spends 8-10 hours/week on progression. The only raid times I can make are friday and weekends as I travel for work during the week.I am currently 5/7M HM and 9/10H BRF. The only reason I am not further along in BRF is I cannot make my current guilds raid times (they are currently 7/10M). My past xp is 5/7 mythic HM pre BRF ... 4/18/2015 18:36:00 Unknown Unknown    
 698 Disc Priest LF Mythic Guild - Perf. AlliHello~ I have 4/10, and 3/7 Mythic experience, I'd like to find a guild that raids on the weekends if possible, or just a couple days a week, during the times of 7-12cst. add me on CooCooKow#1489 if you want me to join :P 4/18/2015 17:48:00 Unknown Unknown    
 Looking for guild to raid once a wk as UH DK 4/18/2015 17:48:00 Unknown Unknown    
 689 Rogue LF Mythic TeamI'm currently 4/7M HM and 10/10H BRF, been raiding on a dead server for a while but as my raid group has recently broken up, I am now in search of a new raid team. I am looking for a semi serious raid team to clear at least some heroic with and move on to mythic content. I also play a WindWalker monk ( ) 2/7 M HMI also ... 4/18/2015 17:48:00 Unknown Unknown    
 [H-Kil'Jaden] 692 10/10H Prot pally LF raiding guildHi,

Been raiding since vanila, main tank since ICC. Unfortunately my guild is falling into this cycle: Lack of raiders->lack of progress->lack of raiders->lack of progress.... and eventually it fell apart. Now want to look for a raiding guild. Currently I am 10/10H BRF with mythic beastlord 5%,

Character info
Can't post link...

4/18/2015 17:12:00 Horde PvE    
 692 Hunter , LF Late Night Mythic Raidinghey all I've been a hunter main since wrath began. I've both raided causally and competitively , at the hight of my raiding career i was playing at a US #10-20 level during Cata. I'm looking for something late night and focused on mythic progression. I have not been apart of a hard mode guild this tier but i know if you give me a shot you wont be disappointed with my performance .prefer alliance ... 4/18/2015 17:00:01 Unknown Unknown    
 681 Ret LF Guild may also go HolyTitle sums it upIm 10/10 heroic BRF and 2/7 Mythic HMguild broke up so looking for a home Weekday anytime after 7pm EST or weekends after 4pm ESTI mained a rsham bc-wrath so I have plenty past healing exp if I do go Holy MSLeave ur spam or add Vincent#1928 if you wanna chat 4/18/2015 16:12:01 Unknown Unknown    
 661 rogue LF Raiding guildLF a serious heroic raiding guild that raids 2-3 days a week/weekend 7:30pm - 12am central time. I have exp with 9/10N & 4/10H in BRF. I can learn and adapt to anything if given the opportunity. 4/18/2015 15:24:00 Unknown Unknown    
 Looking for a raiding guild!hi im a ilvl 649 rogue my guild does not do raids and i really want to, this is my main toon so im looking for a guild that will help me. i have played since vanilla so i know alot about the game. i love the game and just really wana get into raiding i have done some heroic in highmaul and normal in BRF so i know some fights. im in durtoan not sure how much that matters but ya. help me out? 4/18/2015 04:36:00 Unknown Unknown    
 Fresh Bear (Alt) LF Raiding Guild As of now, since the armory hasn't updated yet, I'm around 633.Yes, it's pretty low considering I still need to step into BRF LFR, but I've been trying to reach 635. Honestly! In spite this toon being a fresh 100, I have had roots in druidism for a long time. It's just recently that I decided to pursue guardian again especially with potential bear buffs looming in the distance. And of course, I ... 4/18/2015 03:00:01 Unknown Unknown    
 Looking for a Morning raiding guild Mage 678I am east coast and i need a morning raiding guild. Feel free to message me about my experiences. J082007#1429 i am available at 8am to 1pm eastern timezone 4/18/2015 03:00:00 Unknown Unknown    
 Looking For A GuildOld school player from Vanilla looking to get back into raiding.I have not raided since 40 Man MC/Onyxia and the likes of Karazhan so it has been while. Back in those days I was guild leader of <Notorious> on Frostmourne.I would rather not go through the LFR channels as most people tell me to do as I would much rather do progression, and work on guild achievements with a good fun group. Im ... 4/18/2015 02:12:00 Unknown Unknown    
 Flexible Player looking for Raiding GuildLooking for something Mornings EST and on Weekends. Sometime between 7am - Noon EST. (Other Time zones welcome. Horde/Alliance also fine.) (Friday/Saturdary/Sundays)I'm experienced and flexible and looking to round out my raiding time with another group for weekends. I have a few 100's available that I'm perfectly interested in playing in a raid guild. Been raiding since BC current experiences ... 4/18/2015 01:24:00 Unknown Unknown    
 690 Brewmaster and 684 Holy Pally LF GuildHey there. I'm the Brewmaster Monk, and Paschiel from Illidan is the Holy Pally. We're looking for a M. Guild to progress with or perform with. We're very flexible with times and very flexible with transferring servers and stuff. Would prefer staying Horde, but if it sounds great enough, we'll join the Alliance scum side of things. :)I'm really bad with applications and talking to people, but my ... 4/18/2015 00:36:00 Unknown Unknown   MoPa
 Enh shaman LF Raiding Guild!Character Name: KasukasaoMain Spec: EnhOff Spec: EleI LVL: 654Faction: AllianceProff: Enchanting and TailoringServer: Blackhandi just got back from a few month's break and looking to get into the raiding scene again. my gear is lacking as due to my break during the start of the xpac. I am a serious raider but also have fun at the same time. I am not the type who uses a guild for gear and then ... 4/17/2015 22:48:00 Unknown Unknown    
 691 Arc Mage LF Mythic TeamHello all, Due to my current guild situation I'm looking around to see what options i could have. My guild is having attendance issues - and is struggling to even down Heroic Blackhand. I would like to experience endgame content sooner rather than later. The only nights i can NEVER raid are Wednesdays. I am skilled at arcane and fire spec for the different fights. I am not looking for the best ... 4/17/2015 22:48:00 Unknown Unknown    
 684 Holy Paladin LF Mythic Progression GuildHey! My current guild is disbanding, so I'm looking to join a Mythic progression guild. Currently 684, 9/10 H hpal. Would prefer to stay Horde, but a server transfer is possible. Though I have not yet managed to do any M BRF myself, I am a fast learner.I am available to raid 6pm - 1am CST on weekdays, and can make time most whenever on ... 4/17/2015 22:48:00 Unknown Unknown    
 4 Raiders LF Mythic Guild (ilvl 686+)We are a group of mature players with 2/7M 10/10H experience who want to join a stable guild that is running mythic content. All of us are capable of earning our spot in a raid group. We are open to either Alliance or Horde. Equipped ilvl686 Boomkin687 Fury/Prot Warrior687 BM Hunter689 Holy PriestThree raid nights a week (with the right guild we will consider four)The best raid nights for us are ... 4/17/2015 22:00:01 Unknown Unknown    
 Hunter or Mage LF Mythic GuildLF a well progressed guild, should be able to pull everything you need from my logs/armory linked below. Can raid anytime, any day, any faction.Post ur info below and i shall read through it.Hunter:Armory: ... 4/17/2015 22:00:01 Unknown Unknown   MH
 688 DK Tank LF Mythic raiding guildHi there, I am looking for a serious raiding guild that is in need of a tank. I will not come as a back up tank and MS DPS, I don't enjoy it, so please don't expect me to do it. I can raid any time after 8:00 pm EST Sunday - Wednesday. I enjoy WoW, and love tanking, but my guild has fallen apart and now I am the only one left. Not sure what other relevant information I can post since you can see ... 4/17/2015 19:36:00 Unknown Unknown    
 652 RET Paladin LF Late Night Raiding GuildAloha,I am a iLvl 652 Ret Pally and currently I am not geared for off-spec. Ret Paladin is my focus but I am willing to build an off-spec set if needed.I have completed all LFR content and want to move onto higher difficulties. I am really looking to do some Normal, Heroic, and Mythic content but I have had some trouble finding a guild with a good fit. the hardest problem with finding a good ... 4/17/2015 18:48:00 Unknown Unknown    
 693 Resto Shaman LF Mythic guildHello all,I am currently 7/10M and looking to server transfer to a PST/MST realm to adapt a more reasonable raiding schedule (currently at EST realm). I will consider a late night EST raiding guild as well.Since the start, I've only raided 2 nights a week (3 hours per night), which has made me fall behind on rankings/progression against higher tiered resto shamans. So please don't be surprised to ... 4/17/2015 18:48:00 Unknown Unknown    
 [H] 682 DK TANK | 10/10H | LF Mythic GuildAbout Me

682 Blood DK Tank LF Mythic Guild to call home.10/10H Experience(i do have a DPS OS but i'm not willing to MS it)I've been guildless for awhile so that is why I have no mythic experience.

LF guild that fits these requirments:

is already progressing into Mythic.whose raids end before 1am EST. (10pm pst and 12am cst)Raids 3+ Days a weekRaid ...
4/17/2015 18:48:00 Horde PvE    
 Level 93 Ret Pally looking for casual guild.Level 93 Ret Pally looking for casual guild.Chastain 4/17/2015 18:00:01 Unknown Unknown    
 3 healers LF raid teamThis is an alt. I don't wanna post under my normal toonsWe are 3 friends who are looking for a new raid team. We are655 Resto Druid/680 hunter - I've been maining my hunter since Cata and looking to make a change to healing. 686 Disc Priest/655 Mage - Prefers to heal.687 Holy/Prot Pally - Willing to tank or heal.We are 8/10H 10/10N and 7/7HLooking for a raid team that starts after/at 7PM EST and ... 4/17/2015 18:00:01 Unknown Unknown    
 65 Rogue LF guildHi. I am a casual player, non pvper looking for a laid back guild full of gamers with experience, like other games, and just out to have a good friendly atmosphere. I am a longtime MMO veteran, and play other games actively, including other mmos and console games. Have played WoW on and off since 2005 ish ? Prefer a mature crowd. 4/17/2015 17:00:01 Unknown Unknown    
 687 Warlock LF Mythic GuildI am looking for a guild that is starting or has just started mythic content. I'm 9/10H but the guild I'm running with isn't progressing at the rate I expected. I'm willing to transfer (preferably to horde) and I'm open to late night raiding. I'm on the west coast of the U.S. and I'm open to a start time after 7:30pm MST. 4/17/2015 16:12:01 Unknown Unknown    
 688 Holy Priest LF Mythic progression groupLooking for a healing position in a core mythic progression group. I am the most experienced with Holy, i do have some experience in Shadow. I am a 100% reliable raider which lives is EST. I prefer raid times around 8pm.Thanks! 4/17/2015 16:12:01 Unknown Unknown    
 Paladin looking for raid group.I'll be upfront, I haven't seriously raided since Wrath though I haven't seriously played at all since then. I'm looking to get back into some actual gameplay rather than just dungeons and lfr.I tanked back during Wrath and through ICC, but after our team fell apart right before Lich King that's when I stepped back from the game.Currently spec'd Ret/Prot. Willing to DPS or Tank, though if you ... 4/17/2015 15:24:00 Unknown Unknown    
 686 Mistweaver Monk LF Raiding GuildHey y'all! Due to recent events in my guild, I am looking for a new guild to raid mythic with. I'll break it down for what exactly I'm looking for:Faction: Either Horde or Alliance. I really don't mind faction changing if need be. Times: Preferably 12 AM - 3 AM EST, I can do earlier a tad earlier/later! Days: Considering my work schedule I am looking for something on either M, T, W, Th, ... 4/17/2015 15:24:00 Unknown Unknown    
 689 Rogue looking for mythic groupI'm 2/7M,10/10H and I'm looking for a group that's progressing through mythic content.Raid times:I prefer a 2 night a week group however I will go up to 3. I'm available Sunday-Thursday 6-11 ESTSpecs:I play all 3 specs competitively, I'm currently playing sub and combatI'm willing to server transfer immediately and will consider faction changing. You can reach me in game at Blorgin#1569 or by ... 4/17/2015 15:24:00 Unknown Unknown    
 691 DPS Warrior LF Mythic Raiding Guild691 Arms/Fury (willing to switch to tank) Warrior looking for a mythic raiding guild on a high horde pop server that has no issues keeping a 20-man+ roster and is looking to hit mythic Hellfire Citadel as soon as possible when it is released. I am currently 10/10 H and know all the mythic fights, even have attempted a few, but no mythic kills because my guild is struggling to keep a 20-man ... 4/17/2015 14:36:00 Unknown Unknown    
 693 Mage looking for Mythic raiding guildLooking for a guild that raids 2-3 nights on weekdays, preferably around 4-8PM Pst. Can faction change.I have 3/7 M Highmaul and 7/10 M BRF experience.Also prefer a guild that is friendly, and where people get along while progressing in a timely manner. NOT looking for a hardcore guild, but one that's more in between, semi-hardcore, so to speak.Link to logs: ... 4/17/2015 14:36:00 Unknown Unknown    
 [A] Warlock LFG - 679 ilevelHave some Heroic and Mythic exp. Kinda took a break prior to the release of BFR. However, i am familiar with some fights thanks to the "internet" My ideal guild is into pve and pvp Prefer to raid two nights a week but will settle for three for a proper raiding guild.Monday,Tuesday, and Thursday are ideal days from 7:00 EST to 12:00 ESTLooking specifically for a casual to semi casual raiding ... 4/17/2015 11:24:05 Unknown Unknown    
 [EU] Geared group of friends looking for mythic guildHello. This may be far-fetched, but we figured it's worth a shot anyway. So here goes!

We are a group of friends who have been gaming together for several years. Due to low attendance our current guild is not raiding mythic at the moment and we are therefore looking for a new guild. We would prefer to stay together for obvious reasons, so we're kind of a package deal. We're all roughly ...
4/17/2015 09:48:00 Unknown PvP    
 Ungeared Druid LF (Very) Late Night TeamAlliance; Tichondrius Raiding background: 10/25 ICC heroics as disco/hpriest. As well as some dabbles in Pandaria raiding. Mechanically strong and aware, finally able to put time in to become a dedicated raider once more. Availability: Sunday - Thursday, 11:00 - ??? am PST (however late you guys go!) Specs: Whatever you need; but best at healing. Willing to do applications/interviews for guilds; ... 4/17/2015 08:00:01 Unknown Unknown    
 Looking for a good Rp guild. im looking for an alliance Rp guild and have no clue where to start looking. if you someone out there does a little raiding on the side that would be exactly what im looking for 4/17/2015 04:48:00 Unknown Unknown    
 678 Prot Pally LF New Guild678 Prot Pally LF New Guild.Pretty experienced tank. Know my class very well I do have a Ret OS.Achievements:Cutting Edge: 25 Player GarroshAhead of the Curve: High Maul5/7 Mythic HighmaulCurrent Progress (Just came back): 5/10 Heroic. I know fights of the rest just been pugging. You know how that goes.I quit for a little bit after Highmaul and came back to WoW recently and looking for a new ... 4/17/2015 03:00:01 Unknown Unknown    
 690 BrM Monk LF M. GuildHey.I'm a monk tank main who has a non geared OS of Mistweaving, and am looking for a 2 or 3 day Raiding guild. Would prefer later, but doesn't matter, really. Very flexible on schedule, but would prefer not doing weekends. I am currently Horde, but would be willing to go Alliance and be filthy and stuff. Logs and stuff on request.Thanks, and my B.tag is Ninjacat#1800 4/17/2015 03:00:01 Unknown Unknown    
 691 Enha Shaman LFGSadly my previous guild core group has moved on to another guild due to lack of raiders to fill out a mythic raid group but I can't commit to the new raid group due to raid times and other issues.Looking for a guild starting on mythicsAvailability:Monday - Thursday 6pm to 9pm PSTLooking to raid 3 days a weekWoL: Resto off specBNet ... 4/17/2015 02:12:00 Unknown Unknown    
 692 BM Hunter LF GuildHello! looking for a guild that is currently in mythic progression. I'm currently 2/10 M, ready to transfer/faction change. Times that I'm able to raid are: Mon-Fri (weekends maybe) 1030pm Pacific time untill anytime after that. Add Bnet for more info: Nasteekiller#1140 Can provide logs/youtube videos of my performance. 4/17/2015 02:12:00 Unknown Unknown    
 689 AOTC mage looking for weekends mythicHey forums!
I'm still searching for a mythic guild on weekends and late nights to move through 6.1 and into 6.2 with, hopefully a long term home. I'm a 10/10H AOTC mage who's 689 and ready to push mythic content. Please get in touch for more details! Past achievements include cutting edge lei shen, 11/14H SoO 3 months after release.
Btag: GlassKannon#1720
4/17/2015 01:36:01 Unknown PvE    
 676 mage LF area 52 Guild 9/10 H brf between two characters, know all the fights well as I typically lead in pugs. Just looking for a pretty chill guild to possibly start doing mythic HM and progress into M brf. I play mostly at night after 9pm eastern and dont play much during the weekend, but on every night during the week atm. if anyone is interested LMK. 4/16/2015 23:48:00 Unknown PvE    
 690 rogue LF mythic team, fresh or otherwiseHave lots of past exp cleared heroic SOO pre-patch and then re-cleared mythic all the same. Have 9/10 heroic exp in heroic BRF and 3/7 mythic HM exp. Snoop around all you want, there are logs around but I'm not sure where or how to get them to post here. Alt code for the a is 0229Ideally would like to round out a mythic core with baggage, generally low maintenance player!Btag is Ramos#1667, would ... 4/16/2015 23:48:00 Unknown Unknown    
 [A] 693 fury warrior looking for guild693 fury warrior looking to progress further into BRF after my guild broke up, was doing progression on H&F at the breakupBtag: Havekk#1808Link to most recent logs: of UI: ... 4/16/2015 23:00:01 Unknown Unknown    
 690 Hunter AOTC LF guildHey guys I'm looking for a new guild because over the coarse of 2 weeks the guild I am in had players leave due to lack of progression and recruitment going bad so now the guild I am currently in broke up and I am in need of a home.I am looking for a guild that raids EST time, I am willing to go as late as Midnight EST but I would prefer raid ending around 11-11:30 ESTWeekdays or Weekends don't ... 4/16/2015 23:00:00 Unknown Unknown    
 687 Prot Paladin LF Mythic guild9/10 H BRF with 60ish pulls on blackhand, 3/7M Highmaul (Kargath, Braken, Twins)

Raid times between 8:30 PM EST (i'm on AST) and the latest being 1:30AM EST (slightly flexible)

I'd like a guild that raids 3 days a week, but i'm open to 2 or 4 days.


Warcraftlogs: ...
4/16/2015 22:12:00 Unknown PvE    

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