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 705 Ret Pally looking for guild.I have all talking systems, I am on Frostmourne so id prefer to be in a guild in Frostmourne, I am 13/13 N and 11/13 H but experienced in all bosses within Heroic HCFLooking for a guild that has atleast 12/13H and raids around 8:30-11:30 and raids on Friday, Staurday, Monday and Wednesday. 8/28/2015 08:00:16 Unknown Unknown    
 Experienced raider lf guildI'm coming back from a hiatus after my current guild <Invalid Target> broke up in the middle of HFC. This means I don't have AOTC to link you for a cursory qualification (although I DO have Cutting Edge Mythic Imperator). I do, however, have the tenure to boast in my favor and have the logs to back it up.Not looking to transfer away from Mal'ganis.Only wanting to raid a max of two nights a ... 8/28/2015 04:48:19 Unknown Unknown    
 720 Dps Warrior LF Late Evening ProgressionWhat I'm looking for is an later evening guild that's serious about progression with a proven track history over time. I would prefer to start after 9 central or later being the better with an end time no later than 3 central. Days that work would be Sunday-Thursday as I'm already committed to a Fri/Sat mythic progression guild on my altI started playing this game back in vanilla and started ... 8/28/2015 02:12:03 Unknown Unknown    
 Healing Priest LF Raiding Guild.I been currently looking for a Guild in which I can call home, for couple weeks now. There are certain things I am looking for a guild and I hope I can find one within this forum post.I been playing this game for around 9 years, playing the same class in the same spec. I am a Discipline Priest who values supporting his guild. And now that I have the time to play more flexibly, I am trying to find ... 8/28/2015 02:12:03 Unknown Unknown    
 Mythic Raider LF GuildPlease read instead of just posting your copy/paste. I'm looking for a very specific guild. Below are some of the requirements, I'm also not looking to regress much at all. Looking for a guild that's progression is at minimum 2/13 Mythic. Daytime, Afternoon, Late night, or Weekend ONLY.I cannot stress this enough, I CANNOT raid anytime from Tue-Thur & Sun from 8:30-12:30PM EST. I'm 9/13 ... 8/28/2015 02:12:03 Unknown Unknown    
 687 mw monk lf *morning* guildI was 5/10 m in brf with kro almost down, but I lost my account a few months back. (I can prove it's me if its really needed) I'm 687, but I'm an experienced raider looking for a decent guild. I work third shift and would appreciate replies from morning guilds only ( I should always be back home around 8 am EST). So I am available 8:30am-12pm. Dazzle#1376 if you wanna talk more. 8/28/2015 02:12:03 Unknown Unknown    
 715 Holy Priest LF Guild13/13 h hfc1/13 Mythic HFCpixiekitteh#1537I have my 4 set and my ring. :) 8/27/2015 23:00:22 Unknown Unknown    
 701 Frost Mage LF Weekend raidingHiSiouxdemona, currently horde, is ilevel 701 and 6/13 in normal HFC. I'm looking for a guild on a PVE server that raids, but has a social life outside of raiding... and is comprised of adults. I'm currently horde, but am not opposed to switching sides for the right guild. I am a player that is on rather regularly every other week. I can be available Friday and Saturday nights for regular raids ... 8/27/2015 23:00:22 Unknown Unknown    
 696 holy pally LF guild696 holy/ 693 ret. i have multiple toons in the 680-690 range either all dps or healing classes and i can play them all very well. I have 10/13n 4/14h in HFC so far would prefer a guild that raids in the evening till about 11 or 12am any day of the week. very dependable and will not miss a raid day. Just pm me in game if intrested. Thanks My Btag is totrubber#1203 8/27/2015 23:00:22 Unknown Unknown    
 695 WW monk LF raid guild BT MACAZARES#1653im 695 windwalker monk (keep in mind they're getting buffed in 6.2.2) have the mirror trinket and 2 piece tier bonus i know all HFC fights and 7/13H 8/27/2015 22:12:16 Unknown Unknown    
 700 Mage LF raiding guildHi there! I'm looking for a new home that is finishing Heroic and will be moving to Mythic soon within in the next month that absolutely needs a Mage!I thought I had a guild down this week that I trialed with, but sadly it didn't work out since earlier raid times are killing me due to RL/college obligations, so here I am again...Currently have 10/13H 12/13N and have seen Heroic Archimonde down to ... 8/27/2015 22:12:16 Unknown Unknown    
 80 TWINK LF 80 twink guild.I am a lvl 80 TWINK and i am looking for an active guild. I was previously in an 80 twink guild but the guild fell apart. I am looking for an active 80 twink guild or a twink guild with lvl 80s in it to progress through WOTLK content. I have Naxx 25 gear as well as some ICC 25h/10h gear. Free on weekday afternoons and weekend afternoons. I have an 80 warrior with most WOTLK tiers - intèrex - as ... 8/27/2015 22:12:16 Unknown Unknown    
 700 iLevel Feral Druid Lf GuildHello I am a 700 Feral druid looking for a raiding guild that is going to progress into mythics in the foreseeable future. I am currently 10/13 Heroic Exp and 12/13 N. I am willing to transfer to any server but will not faction change due to personal reasons. 8/27/2015 22:12:12 Unknown Unknown    
 696 Combat rogue looking for morning guildCurrently looking for a guild that raids between 9am pst and 1pm pst 8/27/2015 21:24:04 Unknown Unknown    
 706 Boomkin LF Weekend Night Heroic GuildSince real life has taken over the week and I would like to continue to raid in HFC as well into Legion, I am have been relegated to search for a guild that raids on the weekends. I am currently available from 10:00pm EST- until (Fri-Sunday). I am currently 8/13H with 4 x normal Archimonde kills for ring upgrading. I was formerly a mythic raider (pre 6.0 nerf) on my prot pally in SoO (currently ... 8/27/2015 21:24:03 Unknown Unknown    
 702 prot pally LF H raiding guildhello everyone thanks for stopping to read my post i'm currently looking for a guild to raid H HFC and push into mythic my times are flexible after 4pm mountain time, i can xfer today for the right guild would also consider faction change for right fit. i have a dps off spec though i rarely play ret i have been tanking on this toon since wotlk and very much love my pally. thanks for consideration ... 8/27/2015 20:36:03 Unknown Unknown    
 697 Resto Shaman LFGHi, I am looking for a guild that is currently progressing thru heroic Hellfire Citadel.My preferred raid times would be 9pm-12pm EST or later. 8/27/2015 19:39:16 Unknown Unknown    
 703 Prot Paladin LFGHello everyone,I'm looking to tank for a guild. To be honest, I just came back recently to the game. I couldn't play during the start of Warlords because I got a promotion at work and I didn't have any time to play. Fortunately, everything has become stable again so I have plenty of time to commit to raiding again.I had some friends help gear me out to catch up, but they unfortunately don't have ... 8/27/2015 18:48:47 Unknown Unknown    
 705 Prot Paladin Lf Mythic Raiding Guild 10/13h 13/13n I know every fight And looking for a group to finsh up Heroic with and start mythic. My Current guild isn't progressing And i wanna push farther ahead. Im Very Dedicated and loyal to my guild i can make anytimes just about. I have Several Tank alts as well Blood Dk , Brewmaster , Warrior, an my pally.Semi-Hardcore raider. I will bring great mobility, raid awareness, and Vocal call ... 8/27/2015 18:00:09 Unknown Unknown    
 694 Holy paladin looking for new guild.Hey guys I just returned to wow from a long needed break from the game to get my life back on track. I have a 694 ilvl Holy Paladin that is currently alliance atm. I'm looking for a social raiding guild that is in of a healing paladin. My progression in HFC is 5 bosses down in normal. I'm available to raid any days except Sunday's after 7:30 cst 8/27/2015 17:12:11 Unknown Unknown    
 715 Blood DK Looking for Mythic Guild13/13H and 2/13M HFC looking for a mythic guild. Last guild disbanded due to recruitment issues and overall ppl not caring. Can provide logs upon request. Raid days and times are open as long as it is past 630 CST. Transferring is not an issue. 8/27/2015 16:24:04 Unknown Unknown    
 715 Blood DK Looking for Mythic GuildCurrently 2/13M looking a raiding guild wanting to push mythic the rest of this xpac and into Legion. Open to raid any day and any hors after 630 CST. Can and will provide logs upon request. Transferring is not an issue. I have played since Wrath and have raided heroic/mythic until now. 8/27/2015 16:24:04 Unknown Unknown    
 694 Holy Pally looking for new raiding guildHey guys and gals. I have recently reactived my wow account and is looking for a new guild to raid. I have 5/13 bosses down in HFC. I am available to raid Monday thou Saturday 7:30cst to whenever. I am currently alliance atm but if I find a new home on horde I'll change. 8/27/2015 16:24:03 Unknown Unknown    
 Longtime Hardcore Hunter LFGuildSo I need to preface this that I'm coming back to the game after a few months break due to some RL issues (I can get into them via whispers if curious) as well as not enjoying WoD. However, after the break I'm ready to come back and raid and I really like Hellfire Citadel. My gear is a little behind (695) but RNG has not been in my favor recently. Because of my gear, I understand it will be tough ... 8/27/2015 15:36:01 Unknown Unknown    
 lonely bear LF Guildwith raid time after 11pm (Cest)B-tag; Greedines#2347 8/27/2015 14:00:01 Unknown Unknown    
 Prot warrior and Mage lf guild Hello there I am looking for a raid team with my wife both of us are great players we will raid without each other. We understand there are raid comp needs and we may not always fit it together no big deal. We can not start raid any earlier than 10pm EST. looking for a guild that has cleared normal or close to it and starting heroic with mythic in the future. We Have been in server first guild ... 8/27/2015 14:00:01 Unknown Unknown   MW
 705 Prot Paladin Lf Mythic Raiding Guild 10/13h 13/13n I know every fight And looking for a group to finsh up Heroic with and start mythic. My Current guild isn't progressing And i wanna push farther ahead.Semi-Hardcore raider. I will bring great mobility, raid awareness, and Vocal call outs.I am willing to transfer. Horde or AllianceBattleTag- BipolarPride#1661t18 4set w/ leg ring class trinket 8/27/2015 13:00:04 Unknown Unknown    
 700 ret pally looking for heroic raid groupHey all..Currently looking for nice, good group to play with.Days available - Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and/or Sunday nights.Time - Prefer 9pm est(no earlier than 8pm)Experience - I have Aotc for HM and BRF, However each time I accomplished these achievements it was towards the end of each patch. I have only done HFC a hand full of times but I am 6/13 heroic, 12/13 normal.***I am not looking ... 8/27/2015 11:24:00 Unknown Unknown    
 690 Mage looking for guildHi, Like the title says im 690ilvl mage looking for a new guild. I am currently 11/13N and 6/13H HFC (progression was done on my disc priest, and please dont ask i am not willing to play disc)My gear is a little behind because I took a break after BRF and was 2/7M highmaul and 9/10H brf. I have loads of past heroic raiding experience. Any other questions feel free to ask.Important info:Mon-Thurs ... 8/27/2015 10:36:01 Unknown Unknown    
 708 Moonkin LF +8GMT Mythic Raiding GuildHi there, Looking for a new mature home to raid mythic content with. Would like a +8gmt raid time, but open to others if the raid times are doable. Thanks! 8/27/2015 09:48:02 Unknown Unknown    
 713 Fury Warrior LFG New GuildHello thank you for taking a second to read my post. I am 713 Fury Warrior LF new guild I am currently 12/13 heroic with several sub 5% wipes on Heroic Archimode and 17% wipe on Mythic assault.

I am looking for an alliance guild that raids from 9-12 EST.

here is a link to my armory


8/27/2015 09:00:03 Unknown PvE    
 Hunter and Frost DK - LF Guild!Hai thar!We're Kerbee (672ilvl) and Beneners (680ilvl), a boyfriend and girlfriend team looking for a place to call home. :)We've both got previous, varied raid experience (mine won't necessarily be listed on the armoury, as this is a relatively new account - yay, RAF!), are willing to read and learn tactics, don't mind wiping and just wanna enjoy the game amongst friends.Looking For: A casual, ... 8/27/2015 07:24:01 Unknown Unknown   DkH
 681 Returning Resto Shaman LFGHello fellas! Just coming back from a break and currently looking for a guild. Managed to do a few PUGs and get a few pieces of loot, but I know my crap! Looking for a Normal / Heroic HFC guild. I'm available Sun 8 PM - 1 AM, Mon 9 PM - 1 AM, Tue, 8 PM-1 AM, and Wed and Thu are negotiable. (Times are EST)I've been raiding since TBC content (CptCuervo (Arthas) for reference and Magikted (Arthas) ... 8/27/2015 06:24:03 Unknown Unknown    
 695 ilvl lock. LF late night looking for a late night raid group that raids few hours a night after 12EST.don't care bout faction or realm.prefer a group that's already clearing normal and at least working on heroic.prefer 2-3night guilds. 8/27/2015 04:48:02 Unknown Unknown    
 Disc priest LF a raiding homeHi,Disc priest (ilvl 696)Exp raider since Burning Crusade. Stopped playing Mists of Pandaria due to work8/10 heroic BRFDedicated raiderNow looking for a raiding guild/ stable home thats willing to progress in heroic/mythic HFC!Raid time prefer: 10:00PST-? Sunday- ThursdayFeel free to contact me @Peteey#1194Thank you! 8/27/2015 04:00:04 Unknown Unknown    
 710 MM Hunter Looking For mythic GuildI am a 710 MM Hunter looking for mythic Guild. I am available pretty much any time.Logs: Progression: 13/13h No mythic Kills yet.Add me on Btag: whammer#1941 or comment below 8/27/2015 01:36:01 Unknown Unknown    
 715 Blood DK - World Rank 47 as of 8-13-15 LF-Mythic Raiding Guild - US OnlyI am willing to transfer servers and faction change. -- Logs -- UI / Playstyle -- Armory -- WoWHeroes

Computer Specs -
8350 Black Ed.
7850 GPU
8/27/2015 01:36:00 Unknown PvE    
 Resto Druid looking for raiding guild. Been playing WoW since I was 14 in vanilla. Didn't raid much til Wotlk. I mained a hunter through all those raids.Got all the way through trial of the grand crusader and had to quit when lichking came out because of school. Now I play Resto Druid. I'm looking for a raiding guild for the expansion Legion. Willing to transfer servers and faction. I'm looking for a progression guild that takes ... 8/27/2015 00:48:00 Unknown Unknown    
 700 ilvl Frost DK looking for guildEnd level player looking for a fresh start. I have been playing since Vanilla and have done all end level raids for all expansions. I research fights and my character, I bring all consumables to raid. If you would like to message me or contact me for any questions please feel free to. I am hoping to find a guild that raids 2-3 nights a week from 8 - 11PSTyou can add me at huntitdown#1950 8/27/2015 00:48:00 Unknown Unknown    
 warrior looking for raiding guild-Tichondriushello, im a warrior looking to get into raiding (i know im kinda late to the party), and hopefully into progression raiding come legion. i have little experience raiding, but i know my class.thanks for reading. 8/27/2015 00:48:00 Unknown PvP    
 WOD Rival LF PVP GuildGhostfang-Silvermoon is in need of a PvP guild! Would like an experienced guild with many 2k+ players. Will consider a PvE guild too if there is a core PvP interest. Thanks. 8/26/2015 23:00:01 Unknown PvP    
 705 Prot Paladin Lf Mythic Raiding Guild 10/13h 13/13n I know every fight And looking for a group to finsh up Heroic with and start mythic. My Current guild isn't progressing And i wanna push farther ahead.Semi-Hardcore raider. I will bring great mobility, raid awareness, and Vocal call outs.I am willing to transfer. Horde or AllianceBattleTag- BipolarPride#1661 8/26/2015 22:12:00 Unknown Unknown    
 13/13 H DK LF for guildLooking for a new place to call home. Currently on an Oceanic realm for the low ping but willing to move to NA realms for the right guild. Willing to faction change. Looking for a guild that is just starting Mythics or finishing up Heroics. If your guild only does heroic that is fine as well. Ping on NA realms is typically between 200-300 depending on server. I'd prefer days between Sunday and ... 8/26/2015 21:36:00 Unknown PvE    
 697 MM Hunter lf weekend raiding guildive killed arch on norm, looking for a heroic progression guild on weekends 8/26/2015 20:36:00 Unknown Unknown    
 701 disc LF weekend raiding guildCurrently 12/13H HFC, looking for a weekend raiding guild.Contact me @ remarkable#1940 8/26/2015 20:36:00 Unknown Unknown    
 690 mw lf guild!hi all, as the title says, i am looking for a guild. i am currently 7/13 normal 6/13 heroicadd me shae#1607 8/26/2015 20:36:00 Unknown Unknown    
 Twisting Nether Exp Priest healer LF a new homeHi all,Been playing since 2007 with my priest as main and been actively raiding in healing roles. I am both competant in disc and holy but since I dont get joy of shadow priest, I never made shadow as my main spec.Currently I am in an inactive guild so I wanna move to a HC cleared group who is getting ready for Mythic so that we can progress together. I killed 12/13 HC in Hellfire Citade with ... 8/26/2015 19:48:00 Unknown PvP    
 Warlock LF new guildBack from a LONG break, looking for a guild to transition back into raiding, post real ID's below will contact you.Not willing to go alliance 8/26/2015 19:48:00 Unknown Unknown    
 707 RESTO SHAMAN LF LATE NIGHTCan raid any days really, need late night starting at around 7 or 8 PST... please put your btag to chat.I am 12/13N 9/13 ALMOST 10/13H 8/26/2015 19:00:01 Unknown Unknown    
 675 enh shammy LFGHello all. Looking to return to raiding after taking care of a sick family member. A little about me and my raiding exp. I was a casual raider till cata when i joined a team that had progression in mind till dragon soul dropped then things went to hell. In MoP is when I got serious. MSV I was 5/6H this was close to when ToT came out so HoF and ToES was only on norm. It wasn't for a lack of trying ... 8/26/2015 18:12:00 Unknown Unknown    

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