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 H TICHONDRIUS Blood DK and Hunter LFGuild for mythic+ dungeons/raidingHello me and my pal are looking for a guild that will be raiding between M-F after 8:30 ( or after 9:30 tuesday and thursday). We both didnt play much during WOD, but in WOTLK and MOP we were contentiously raiding end game content. We are both returning end game raiders looking a hardcore raiding guild. Not sure how to apply to guild these days but if you have any questions message me ingame ... 8/29/2016 23:36:00 Unknown PvE   DkH
 Experienced Tank LF Raiding GuildI've been a raider since the launch of Cataclysm. Recently took a break from WoD but I'm coming back to play Legion.

Thank to the removal of many of my past time restraints I now have the time to raid on a dedicated schedule.

I'm looking for a guild that's interested in beating content while it's still current with a friendly and healthy atmosphere.

Serious ...
8/29/2016 13:36:00 Unknown PvE    
 Warlock main looking for a latenight semi-hardcore mythic guildCharacter Name, Class and Spec
?????????? (Enigma#2884) Warlock, spec will be whatever is viable

Armory Link

Can't post links yet so copypaste after the

Why do you I want to join?
8/29/2016 12:00:16 Unknown PvP    
 744 ilvl Priest ( healer ) LFG ( Mythic )

Character : Featherly
Class : Priest
Main Spec : Holy
Faction: Horde ( No Alliance )

Difficulty : Mythic
Raid Days : 4+ ( 3 can be discussed if progress is nice )
Raid Time : Beyond 19.00 till 00.00 ( Can't earlier )
Progression rank : -350 EU English

Splitruns : One alt ( more by ...
8/29/2016 08:00:00 Horde PvP    
 ~4 players looking for EU Mythic guild, 3 days a weekHi,
We're a small Group of semi-hardcore players from Scandinavia and Germany who want to raid together in legion.
Since noone wants to handle the guild managment we decided we will be looking for a guild ourselves.

We are looking for a guild who is aiming at clearing at mythic by the end of the patch, no serious business but no suckers either.

Currently our lineup ...
8/28/2016 16:12:00 Unknown PvP    
 Looking for a Normal - Heroic guild [Silvermoon EU]Hi, my name is Fin (Aka as my alt, Grebock)

I'm looking for a guild that does Normal - Heroic raiding and is also looking for a Fury/Arms warrior. If you like this offer then comment down below with the info of your guild. Also I would like an application form I have to fill out to show the guild is dedicated to raiding.

Hope to see some invites

Have a good ...
8/28/2016 13:48:00 Unknown PvP    

Weekdays 5pm EST - 10pm EST
Friday evening, Saturday, and/or early Sunday.
5pm EST Friday - 10pm EST Sunday

Contact Chronicfury#1416
8/28/2016 09:36:00 Unknown PvE    
 [H] - Draenor EU - Assassination Rogue: LF Mythic Dungeon &What I'm looking for:

A well established Horde guild (will consider Alliance too, if well established) for Heroic/Mythic raidingA guild that DOES NOT raid on Wednesdays or SundaysRegular mythic dungeons as soon as they unlock each weekMature raiding environment where everybody can focus, but also poke fun at each other tooTo be ...
8/27/2016 16:24:00 Horde PvP    
 Skilled Resto Druid Lf 2 night Mythic raid team on StormrageHello,

skilled healer looking for a semi-hardcore raiding guild.

About me:
I am a 25 years old, I enjoy watching anime and reading manga, playing card games, and playing LoL with my girlfriend, cant forget raiding in wow as well.

Little Guild History.
My reason for leaving my last 2 guilds are that they fell apart due to the guild leader quitting the ...
8/27/2016 12:12:00 Unknown PvE    
 Veng DH and Mage LF Weekend raid homeI'm a recently retired mythic raider who has been playing this game for the better part of 9 years. Because of real life, mythic and hardcore raiding has had to take a back seat for the foreseeable future.

I am looking for something casual to raid on the weekends. Normal or Heroic, though I prefer heroic. My availability is 7:30pm-12:30 am CST on Saturday and Sunday.

My ...
8/25/2016 14:00:00 Unknown PvE    
 Former top 100 US returning as Havoc Demon Hunter LF late night alliance mythicRaided from Cataclysm to Throne of Thunder in MoP, finishing US 76th 25man heroic Lei Shen. I am returning for Legion and am looking to get back into the mythic raiding scene. I want to play Havoc Demon hunter and I also have a druid (feral or boomchicken) ready to split raid if needed.

Due to my school schedule I am looking for a late night guild.
My ideal times would be Mon-Fri ...
8/24/2016 23:12:00 Alliance PvE    
 Former top US 20-40th Warrior DPS Looking for Horde Progression GuildBeen raiding since mid BC till end of Mists of Panderia. Multiple US 20-40th finishes under my belt. Came back to WoW a few weeks ago to make some gold and get leveling gear before expansion, thought I'd go casual but the urge to raid is rising.
From latest to oldest that I can remember:

US 20th Heroic Garrosh kill
US 26th Ra-Den Kill US 29th Heroic Lei Shen kill
US ...
8/24/2016 20:36:00 Horde PvE    
 13/13M US #55 Mage looking for new homeHello, I am currently in search of a new home to progress through Mythic legion.

About me - I come from a long history of hardcore raiding, dating back to Wrath. I have always raided hardcore, and have always been very successful at it. I took a extended break from the game to focus on personal issues, and my former guild, Vindicatum, no longer has the room for me. I am hopefully ...
8/24/2016 00:00:00 Unknown PvE    
  Former Top 10 US Mage LF Guild for Legion! Looking for a competitive raiding guild that has room for a experienced fire mage. I have raided competitively since beginning of wrath achieving multiple server first and Top US kills. I have experience in multiple roles/classes and not opposed to playing them. Add me on btag if you are interested in more information: Incin#1308 8/23/2016 15:36:01 Unknown Unknown    
  Former 2 season gladiator looking for guild Hello,I played a majority of my WoW career in vanilla - WOTLK. I earned gladiator on a disc priest and rogue in seasons 7 and 5 respectively. I have not played since WOTLK but have become more interested in playing with the release of legion.I am looking for a clan that can clear some PvE but also has a strong group of PvP players. I am 24 from the US.Looking forward to talking to you. 8/23/2016 14:48:01 Unknown Unknown    
  [A]Looking for Daytime Raiding Guild - Legion Looking for a solid raid group for Legion.Currently looking to lvl Blood DK first, then perhaps Resto Druid. All characters currently Alliance on Ner'zhul. (DK, Druid, Shaman, Hunter, Warlock)Available mon-thurs 9am-3pm MST 8/23/2016 11:36:01 Unknown Unknown    
  New player looking for a Guild Hey,I'm new to WoW and I'm looking for a Guild. I'm a European player and mostly playing in my free evenings and weekends. Playing an elemental shaman atm on the server Silvermoon.Doesn't matter what server I can change :)I got my lvl 100 boost still available from the Legion pre purchase.Thanks! 8/23/2016 09:48:01 Unknown Unknown    
  737 Ret LF Late Night Raiding Guild I'm currently looking for a new start in Legion, my goals are to complete most if not all of the raiding content on Mythic difficulty throughout the expansion. I'm looking for a serious yet fun environment where progression is the primary goal. My current availability is Monday-Wednesday from 11pm EST to 4am EST. If you have any further questions please feel free to message me in game.Battle Tag: ... 8/23/2016 09:48:01 Unknown Unknown    
 Veng DH LF Casual weekend guild US-AllianceI'm looking for something casual to raid on the weekends. My availability is Saturday/Sunday 8pm-11pm CST. It can be cross realm as long as it is alliance. No pleb guilds please.

I have been playing WoW for approximately 9 years. My content progression is as follows:

TBC: Up to bloodboil pre nerf. Cleared BT and through Felmyst post-nerf
Wrath: Full clear old heroic ...
8/23/2016 08:24:00 Alliance PvE    
  (H) LF Raiding guild LF Raiding guild for Legion can raid any day of the week after 10:30 Cst.Currently on Hyjal-US. I have Guard druid / Holy pally / Disc priest / and resto Sham available and willing to Lvl whatever is needed. 8/23/2016 06:36:01 Unknown Unknown    
  mage 13-13 m lf home mage 13 -13 m 24 age LF home rading guild 3-4 days 8/23/2016 05:48:01 Unknown Unknown    
  Looking for a horde guild on silvermoon Hi ya guys/girls returning player hereHello my name is Chris i`m 34 years old Iv`e been playing since wraith. Currently I`m playing as 2 mains for legion! A demon hunter tank and a Retribution Pala. Also making a healer.I do work shifts morning and afternoons if that is a problem let me know and we can try and sort something out I do have a girlfriend also so real life things take priority (as we ... 8/23/2016 04:12:01 Horde PvE    
  Feral Druid Looking for a PvE guild Hey! I'm sort of new to raiding, i've been doing PvP for a while but I wanted to get into PvE instead. I've been doing all the mythic dungeons, and some HC HFC. But I'd consider myself a fast learner. I'm looking for a friendly semi-serious raiding guild for legion. I do have a bunch of alts but I've been mainly been playing druid. Feel free to add me on Battlenet: MartinTang#2614 8/23/2016 03:12:01 Unknown PvE    
 Havoc Demon Hunter looking for Late Night Raiding.So I've been looking for something late night that I would be able to dedicate myself too. Monday-Friday. I understand this is a rather minority amongst the playerbase, and it's pretty hard to find a guild like this especially with the class everyone and their mother wants to play. Willing to server transfer/faction change the whole nine yards.
1. Times available & time zone: ...
8/23/2016 02:36:00 Unknown PvE    
  13/13M Pre-Nerf LF Guild 13/13 Mythic pre nerf player looking for a guild to raid with in Legion.Previously I played Hunter and I am looking to main a Hunter throughout Legion.I am looking for a serious/hardcore guild that will devote time and effort throughout the expansion and won't die out. I am open to all raid times/days and can switch my schedule around with ease.I must insist on sticking with Horde as this has ... 8/23/2016 02:24:01 Unknown Unknown    
  Havoc Demon Hunter Looking for Guild 1. Times available & time zone: 11:25/11:30 PM to whenever in the morning. (As long as it's reasonable.) Central timezone.2. Server preference: PVE3. Faction preference: Alliance (Will switch)4. Hardcore/semi-hardcore/casual: Semi-Hardcore5. Current progression/experience: Most of my experience was back in the day BC, Wrath, Cataclysm (Till the guild fell apart) and early MoP through Throne ... 8/23/2016 02:24:01 Unknown Unknown    
  Tank/DPS DK LF Weekend Raiding Guild I've played since early Vanilla, and have primarily raided during Vanilla, BC, and Wrath.My main servers are: Stormrage, Greymane & Moonguard. If you're on one of these servers, great, if not, I can just get a character up to 70 via invasions extremely quickly (a few hours) and make a DH.During Cata/MoP/WoD I have only dabbled, since I pretty much got burned out after the one year ICC content ... 8/23/2016 01:36:01 Unknown Unknown    
  RDPS and MW Monk LF Guild [Horde] Please contact me at kibu#1132 mostly looking for heroic or mythic progression Tuse/Wednes pref but any day besides weekends are available. 8/23/2016 01:36:01 Unknown Unknown    
  13/13M Pre-Nerf LF Guild 13/13 Mythic pre nerf player looking for a guild to raid with in Legion.Previously I played Hunter/Warrior and I am looking to main a Hunter throughout Legion with a rogue/warrior as an alt if needed.I am looking for a serious/hardcore guild that will devote time and effort throughout the expansion and won't die out. I am open to all raid times/days and can switch my schedule around with ease.I ... 8/23/2016 00:48:01 Unknown Unknown    
  Mythic experience tank, LF raid group Hello!I am currently returning to the game, after a short hiatus...for the entirety of WoD.I have been raiding on and off since Vanilla. With the vast majority of it as a tank. I do have experience as a healer in high end raiding environments as well having healed on a Monk and Paladin.Most recent experience is Tanking during MoP. While it was current I had max level Paladin, Monk, Warrior and DK ... 8/23/2016 00:48:01 Unknown Unknown    
  WW Monk (H)- Illidan LF Heroic/Mythic Guild Hello, I am an old hardcore raider that recently came back to wow after taking a break in HFC I've been playing the game since vanilla at a mid to high tier every expansion. I am rerolling from warrior to windwalker monk but I feel like I can play multiple classes at an optimal level. I would prefer to stay on Illidan but I am willing to server transfer to another high population realm. My raid ... 8/23/2016 00:48:01 Unknown PvP    
  US ~20 13/13M Healer LFG Hello, 13/13 M Resto Shaman or any healing class needed looking for a new guild to call home. Previous guilds:Vision- 14/14 H SoOBlood Runs Cold- 14/14 H SoOEncore- 7/7 M HighmaulDivinity- 8/10 M BRFI can play any healing class at its full potential and am open to a guild recruiting a skilled healer. For more information please contact me: daddy#12589 or post below, thanks 8/23/2016 00:00:01 Unknown Unknown    
  10/13M Blood/UH DK LF raid guild (NOTE: I WILL CHANGE REALMS FOR A GUILD OF MY LIKING) LF SEMI HARDCORE RAID GUILDCurrently on Stormrage US, I'm looking for a semi hardcore with atleast 3 night raid weeks. (2 if progression is good is acceptable). LF raid times starting at or after 9:30pm EST until whenever. I can raid ANYDAY of the week. I can use any type of voice chat as well. Just looking for a guild that takes raiding as ... 8/23/2016 00:00:01 Unknown Unknown    
  [A] Shadow priest LF semihardcore raiding guild Shadow priest looking for a English/Finnish guild for Legion who is aiming for high end content with semiserious attitude. Willing to transfer.History/Experience:Old WoW played that used to raid in wotlk and mid-cata.Wotlk:Played resto druid in servers top 3 guild cleared all content and not some of the hardest encounters in the expansion.Cata:Played in top 10man guild cleared some of the hard ... 8/23/2016 00:00:01 Alliance Unknown    
  11/13M HFC Brewmaster Monk LF Mythic guild Greetings!My currently mythic raiding guild has too many tanks and can't guarantee a spot for me in Legion, so I'm looking to branch outLooking right now to secure my spot as a tank in a top progressive guild core team for when Legion raiding hits. Right now I'm interested in trialing with a couple guilds and getting to know people before I pick one to move toR A I DB A C K G R O U N DVanilla - ... 8/22/2016 23:12:01 Unknown Unknown    
  [H] SPriest looking for Legion raiding guild Like title says ... looking for a guild to raid with during Legion. Haven't raided significantly since BC/WoTLK days but am looking to get back into it.I have a bit of a weird work schedule but any guilds who raid at or after 8pm EST time I would have no problem making extremely high attendance. I'm really easy going with a good sense of humor, won't have any issues with constructive criticism ... 8/22/2016 23:12:01 Unknown Unknown    
  Blood DK looking for guild in Legion Hello all,So as the title says I'm looking to tank for a guild in Legion. Weekday raiding guild preferable, anytime after 4:30 PST.As much as I would love to type out my entire raid history over the years, I'm just going to say that I'm an experienced raider. I've raided with mythic progression guilds and I've raided with non mythic progression guilds. I am always aware of what I need to do on ... 8/22/2016 23:12:01 Unknown Unknown    
  Bloody Casual LF Guild Returning for Legion, and looking for a mature (I'm 36, married with a 2 yr old)casual raid guild that runs either normal or heroic content. I cleared up through HM on my Holy Pally before taking a WoW break aside from dailies and the like. Looking to swap mains to a Holy Priest ( I Know big change right!) I work nights and weekends but usually have Tuesdays and one other night free; sometimes ... 8/22/2016 22:24:01 Unknown Unknown    
  Resto Druid and Mistweaver LF Team We are a couple of driven and competitive individuals who have been refining our craft since burning crusade. We have raided together on and off for around 8 years and we are looking for a solid platform to continue our legacy. We were busy for the last couple of years and have been unable to raid and take it as seriously as we would like. That being said, we are looking for a semi-hardcore ... 8/22/2016 21:24:01 Unknown Unknown   DMo
  [H] Havoc DH LF PST / Weekend guild Hey everyone, looking to find a guild that raids after 8:30 PST or on the wekends, Anytime on the weekend!Horde Only!Wanting to main Havoc but will keep my veng artifact up to date for mythic dungeons / off tankingReally can't do before 8:30 10/13M exp this tierextensive raiding experience from BC - Cata, took mop / wod offkeeping this short and sweet will talk more on btag / vent Gek#1278 8/22/2016 21:24:01 Unknown Unknown    
  Returning MM Hunter LF Legion Raiding Guild[Horde] [US] [Sen'jin]Hi, I hardcore raided in BC and casual/mid-core raided during WotLK through Firelands. Been mid/hard-core raiding in other games but looking to start raiding in WoW again with Legion.I'm not real familiar with the current normal/heroic/mythic system but I think I'd ideally like to be working on heroic/mythic content while current and raiding 2-3 days a week. 6pm PT (9pm ET) ... 8/22/2016 21:24:01 Unknown Unknown    
  Looking for (A) level 60 guild Looking for alliance level 60 twink raiding guild. 8/22/2016 21:24:01 Unknown Unknown    
  Returning Tank LF Guild Hey there, Returning after a long break and wanting to get into raiding now that my schedule has calmed donw. What I am looking for:-I want a chill atmosphere. -I want to raid 2-3 days a week evening time-people who want to push content.What I have to offer:-A motivated player that focusing on learning all aspects of his class-Chill down to earth ether player who is open to criticism -Play a main ... 8/22/2016 20:36:01 Unknown Unknown    
  (H) Enh Shaman LF Weekday Raiding Hello! I'm returning to the progression raiding scene of WoW and need a home. I started in the latter half of vanilla and had my first maxxed toon that I did raids with in BC, but only got serious in Wrath. Didn't raid in Cata, did a little in MoP and WoD. I'm in love with the changes and the enhancement spec which is why I'm trying to get back into the more difficult aspects of the game and not ... 8/22/2016 19:48:01 Unknown Unknown    
  2 Players LF Raiding Guild - Emerald Dream[A] Hello! My BF and I are looking for a Raiding Guild on Emerald Dream [Alliance] for Legion. He was a part of pretty serious raiding guild back in Vanilla and TBC but my only experience is from LFR and what I've read/watched online. We prefer something slightly more casual (i.e. not bleeding edge progression) but still progressing. We would need a raiding schedule of 2 nights a week between Monday ... 8/22/2016 19:48:01 Unknown PvP    
  [A] Resto Shaman LF 3-4 day guild Hi, I am a returning WoW player that has always been a part of this game, but the past few years I haven't really raided much. I started playing wow back in the middle of patch 1.9 and raided hardcore up until wrath. My last push at competitive progression was back in Wrath of the Lich King during 25man Heroic Trial of the Crusader. We pushed 4 server firsts and the guild eventually disbanded on ... 8/22/2016 19:00:01 Unknown Unknown    
  Paladin LF Late Night 10/13M XP Hello,I am currently looking for a late night guild due to being a server at a steakhouse. I'm looking for a raid group that starts at 11:30PM MTN or later.I completed 10/13M this tier on a hunter/shaman. I had 300+ pulls on Xhul getting him to 10% before the guild quit for the tier. Going into Legion I'm looking to preferably tank on my paladin. I'm also open to play ret. I feel I play every ... 8/22/2016 19:00:01 Unknown Unknown    
  mythic MoP raider LF Legion guild So last time I played seriously/at all was during MoP. I was pretty into any high end gameplay I could do(challenge modes, mythic full cleared, arena/rbgs, etc.) and am looking to get back into it. I resubbed a few days ago and am learning all the upcoming legion changes. I'm looking for a guild that plans on progressing through mythic and eventually clearing/farming it. I plan on playing my ... 8/22/2016 19:00:01 Unknown Unknown    
  [A/H] LF Guild - Social/Casual PVE/PVP Hi, I have been away for a few months with the lack of content, I did some PVP before Pre-Patch to get some gear but my guild on Turalyon [A] is just my characters and the guild on Magtheridon [H] is coming to an end.I am 24, living in the UK, My main phase of "raiding" was during Cataclysm, where I mained a Blood DK (Frost off spec) and Alt a Resto Shammy (Ele off spec). I am now "maining" a ... 8/22/2016 18:12:01 Alliance PvE    
  Fury Warrior/Feral Druid LF guild Returning player looking for a guild Legion 8/22/2016 18:12:01 Unknown Unknown   DW

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