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 930 Resto Druid LF homeLooking for new home with a guild that raids late nights since i work retail and live on the West Coast. Prefer a start time of 12am EST. I am also looking for an active guild that not only raids but also likes running M+Druid is currently ilvl 930 and 9/9 Heroic ToS (AoTc)Not looking for anything super hardcore just want to have fun and get gear while doing so. Thanks in advance for the replies. 10/16/2017 18:12:00 Unknown Unknown    
 Healer priest DK looking for weekend GuildBoth have 9/9 heroic, 910+ item level. Don't mind migration or faction change 10/16/2017 17:36:00 Unknown Unknown   DkPr
 935 Sub Rogue LF TrialHi,I'm currently a casual player looking to raid more seriously for the first time in my World of Warcraft career, i'm dedicated to my class and have played all 3 specs since late Cataclysm. I have an eagerness to learn new mechanics and take responsibility and also fit into an already functioning team.I would like to take a moment and be honest that i have little mythic raiding experience only ... 10/16/2017 17:00:01 Unknown Unknown    
 1/9 Holy pally looking for raiding guild! 937 ilvlI am currently 1/9 mythic in ToS and I'm looking to join a mythic guild group that raids 2-3 nights a week. I have one alliance toon that's my main 940 H pally the rest are horde ...930 vengeance demon hunter ......930esto shaman.......930rost mage.....915unholy DK my Btag is Everlasting#1774 10/16/2017 16:48:00 Unknown PvE    
 936 Holy Priest LF raiding guildHey all,I began playing legion about 2 months ago and recently began pugging ToS which isn't too much fun. So, I'm looking for an active raiding guild for Antorus. I began playing this priest seriously in WoD and raided through HFC, but took a break after that. I miss being in an active guild that works together and would love to join one that does. I'm looking for a guild that raids more than ... 10/16/2017 16:36:00 Unknown Unknown    
 5/9 936 Frost Mage LF Weekend Raiding Guild.Also have 2300 m+ score 10/16/2017 14:36:01 Unknown Unknown    
 897 Guardian Druid LFG [Lightbringer]897 Guardian Druid LFG [Lightbringer]I would like to join a guild that Raids around 12am est Maybe morning/afternoonstag Jtalon11#1912 10/16/2017 13:48:00 Unknown Unknown    
 Returning Player LF GuildHello! I am Juxette or Malisity I am a level 110 bloodelf Outlaw Rogue with a 870 ilvl at the time of writing this. I am experienced in raiding late LK through MoP and have returned after a 2-3 year break! I am looking for a good raiding guild that will take me in! If you would like to reach me in game my ID Is: Juxette#1343!I am on the server Stormreaver-US 10/16/2017 13:24:00 Unknown Unknown    
 H/A 939-940 Blood DK LF Mythic guild.Hello!Currently looking for a casual, Primarily English speaking, low stress, Open minded and accepting guild looking to push into mythic raiding. Ideally a guild that is beginning or has started their journey into Mythic Progression.Days and times available:2 Nights a week or 2-3 hours.Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and/or Sunday. 7pm-midnight Uk time.Happy with either faction but would ... 10/16/2017 13:12:01 Unknown Unknown    
 Returning Player LF Raid GuildWhats up guys. Back from a break on WoW. I have raided through the last two expansions, and im looking to jump right back into the swing of things. I know Im very behind, but there is potential. I have class in the early mornings so any time after that is good for me. Please get back to me! thanks! 10/16/2017 11:24:00 Unknown Unknown    
 Ret Pally LF Late Night Mythic RaidingI have a ilvl 934 Ret Pally with all legendries for the class (and some for the others as well). Looking for a late night guild to do some mythic style raiding. I would prefer staying Alliance for the reason of tryouts but will consider faction change too (because I am quite fond of the BE Pallies :) ). During the week is better for work schedule and start time would probably have to be around ... 10/16/2017 11:00:00 Unknown Unknown    
 4/9M Guardian Druid 935il LF Raid TeamHello, My name is Meta or Jared im currently on the server of Mal'Ganis and am looking for a new raiding guild to join. As the title says im currently 4/9M and am 935il. I have no qualms about a server transfer, i can also be pretty flexible about raid times however i would prefer weekend times or any weekday past 7 central.Logs: post your ... 10/16/2017 07:36:00 Unknown Unknown    
 Horde 935 Frost DK (9/9 H) LF weekend guildHey I'm looking for a guild that raids either Fri/Sat night or (Fri/Sat/Sun) afternoons. Heroic or Mythic doesn't matter. Looking for a guild with some solid dps I can compete with.Willing to server change, possibly faction too. Drop details and I'll follow up on or discord (if you have it) with my logs in PM.Thanks for your time. 10/16/2017 07:24:00 Unknown Unknown    
 933 Frost mage LF mythic raid -latenightHey all !A little bit about myslef :Ive been playing as a mage since launch - was only pvp driven at 2592 3v3 in WoD due to how long the raids use to take Just got back to Legion - been loving PvE content and would love to join semi-hardcore guild to push some content I'm avail 10-11pm PST (I live in Hawaii) till late !I'm currently 933 frost - cleared H ToS Please leave a reply if im a ... 10/16/2017 05:24:00 Unknown Unknown    
 936 Hpally LF Heroic/Mythic guildLooking for a heroic/casual mythic progression group on Stormrage Alliance. I’d like a long term place as I dislike guild swapping. Raid times: Tuesday (anytime)Monday (anytime)Wednesday (early morning to afternoon or late night)Thursday (early morning to afternoon or late night)Friday (same as above)3/9M exp, 9/9H. 936 ilvl, 68 traits (currently). Decent ret OS. 10/16/2017 04:36:02 Unknown Unknown    
 [A] 931 Sub Rogue LF M GuildABOUT ME:I am looking for a mythic guild that can progress at a relatively fast speed. I am always looking for improve myself as a player, whether it's how to do more DPS, communicating, or not die. I have done semi-hardcore raiding in the past but I took a little break from the game because it does not interest me anymore. As of currently I am raiding casually with a friend's guild and we ... 10/16/2017 04:36:02 Unknown Unknown    
 921 Blood DK looking for new homeI am an experienced raider back from a break looking for a new place to call home. Mainly looking for a place that plans on atleast working on mythic each patch. Will consider server and faction transfer.I am currently 921 as blood with BiS legendaries, looking for a tank spot in a raid team. Bellow is my raiding experience. Apocylon#1274 if you want to get in contact with metBCKara - full clear ... 10/16/2017 04:24:01 Unknown Unknown    
 933 Sub Rogue LF Sunday raid guildMythic xp player and reliable. Looking for a home for ONLY Sunday/Mondays that I have off work.btag: Veshore#1399 10/16/2017 02:36:00 Unknown Unknown    
 932 Fury Warrior 3/9m lf progLooking to find a good progression guild to run with. Only played since the start of legion, so not too sure what to post in something like this, so I'll just link my logs and Btag. Add me if you have further questions. Btag: Nettykk#1650Logs: 10/16/2017 02:24:01 Unknown Unknown    
 3dps and heals LF guildAfter the collapse of our previous guild myself and a couple buddies are looking for a new guild. Please take in to account our available raid times before adding me so no one has their time wasted!We are:927 Shadow Priest932 Enhancement Shaman (myself)922 Affliction Lock917 Mistweaver Monk We prefer Horde side as we don't want to pay to faction change as well. We are able to join any guilds with ... 10/16/2017 02:12:01 Unknown Unknown    
 911 RShaman or 908 Sub Rogue LF GuildLooking to join a raiding guild for last parts of ToS and going in to Antorus and onward.I just came back, had to take a hiatus in beginning of legion due to family problems and came back about 2 weeks ago. I currently have finished Normal and Heroic ToS. Played Draenor on my Mage and did PUG raids mostly. By the end of Draenor I ended up going 6/13 for Mythic HFC. I'm open on days, but would ... 10/16/2017 01:48:01 Unknown Unknown   RS
 Holy Paladin 6/9M LF GuildHello there,My guild recently broke and I am out in the market looking for a new home. Unfortunately, due to work my raid schedule is limited and my raid times are Fri and Sat (8pm Est to anytime).. I would prefer to stay alliance but willing to go horde if the guild is the right fit. I may have an affliction lock and mistweaver who is willing to come with me as well. We can discuss in detail ... 10/16/2017 01:00:01 Unknown Unknown    
 937 frost/unholy dk lf Mythic teamCurrently 3/9M kills. With pulls on 5/9M Willing to transfer server and faction. However faction will not be ready for this reset.Looking for Sunday-Thursday raid team at least 4/9M.Derthilian#1453 10/15/2017 23:48:01 Unknown Unknown    
 [H] 930 ilvl Fire Mage | LF late night raiding guild | 23:00 2x/weekHi, as the title says: I'm a 930 iLvl fire mage looking for a late night raiding guild which starts after 23:00+. I prefer to raid only twice per week, but can do 3 if they're not on consecutive days. My battletag is Nunyabiznes#2579, add me and let's talk! 10/15/2017 22:24:00 Horde PvP    
 Bear tank looking for raid teamReal quick intro, im swapping off a arms warrior, looking to keep alliance on my druid. all the rest of the information is relavent. Add me lets talk: Downbeat#1311Druid (906) (A) - Bear Warrior (H) (926) - ArmsShaman (H)(901) I'll play any spec but i would like to healWarlock (H)(917)AfflictionPriest (H)(848) can also get this IL up if need be Monk - (H)Brew Master1.I'm available all weeks days ... 10/15/2017 22:12:00 Unknown Unknown    
 Rogue Hpally LF GuildBoth top 30 US raiders with multiple top 30-50 Cutting Edge achieves returning to the game looking for a guild for ToS, Antorus, and beyond.942 Rogue at 64 traits932 Pally at 66 traitsIdeally we are both looking for week night progression at a high level. We play the game a lot and want to get back to the raiding scene for the current ToS raid but we are really looking towards Antorus. We are ... 10/15/2017 21:24:01 Unknown Unknown   RPa
 941 5/9M Shadow Priest LF 2 Day Raiding GuildHey everyone, my guild recently broke up due to poor attendance, and the Mistress progression wall. I am only looking to join a 2 day raiding guild. I cannot raid Wednesdays.I don't mind server xfering if I find the right guild. Not looking to join a guild with any less that 5/9 progression. Here are my logs: ... 10/15/2017 20:24:01 Unknown Unknown    
 928 ilvl Fire Mage LF Late Night 2x/week raiding guildI just moved to Canada, so I'm looking for a late night Horde raiding guild so that I may raid during hours which are considered normal for my timezone. I'm willing to raid anytime past 23:00, 2 days per week and never miss a raid. I have a mic, and I have decent raiding experience. My battletag is Nunyabiznes#2579, feel free to add me and drop me a message for more info. 10/15/2017 20:12:01 Unknown Unknown    
 [H]Lock and R.Druid LF Progression GuildHello! We are looking for a progression guild for Antorus. I am currently switching my mains to my Warlock, but my previous mains were both 930+ and 2/9M. The resto druid is 931 (while still wearing t19 gear) and also 2/9M. We are looking for a mythic guild (or a guild looking to go into mythics soon), but are not interested in anything more than 3/9M (we really would prefer to progress with the ... 10/15/2017 19:12:01 Unknown Unknown   DWk
 934 Resto Druid 3/9M 9/9H LF GuildHello, I am a resto druid that is looking to join a late night and or weekend raiding guild. I am available to raid from 11:30pm - 4:00am EST throughout the week with open availability on the weekends. I would prefer to stay on Illidan but am open to transfer/ faction change as well. Before this xpac I have deep roots in heroic/mythic raiding and have been playing since LK with some time off ... 10/15/2017 17:48:01 Unknown Unknown    
 938 hpal/942 Enh LF M Prog. Guild(**934 and 939 equipped respectively**) I raided until end of M ... 10/15/2017 16:24:00 Unknown Unknown    
 7/9M 944 Ret LF Weekday or Weekend guildLF some time between 7-12 PM EST Weekday or late night Friday weekend guildsLF = or higher progression former US top 50 raider Took a break for a year after HFC finished. Will be responding to this post leave Btag or contact info hereLayneey#3162 on DIscord 10/15/2017 16:12:01 Unknown Unknown    
 [H]7/9M Hpally and Druid LF guild EST/CSTOur guild fell apart recently like all other guilds out there.We are looking for a guild that raids Mon- Sat. NO more than 3 days a week.Start times cannot be before 8pm EST 7pm CST and cannot be later than 12AM EST. 11pm CST.We are only looking for horde, will consider alliance if it is an absolute perfect fit. We are not looking for a bench spot, or a guild that is falling apart. -Druid can ... 10/15/2017 14:00:00 Unknown Unknown   DPa
 (H) Disc 3/9 M LF raiding guildDisc ilvl 928 lf raiding guild, that raids 2-3 days per week. Want to change back to Draenor again.3/9 M ToS from Legion.Have exp from myth end raids, my main have been disc for many years, but i have also exp from all the other healers.HFC full clear myth in WoD.Raiding since WoTlK.If you want my other chrs name aswell you can just whisper me, and i can show exp from those aswell. 10/15/2017 13:36:00 Horde Unknown    
 7/9M Holy Priest LF Weekend morning guildHi there,I'm looking for a weekend morning team for my priest. My current main is a holy pally who is 7/9 mythic as of 11/10/17 close to avatar kill. This toon was my main during NH and I have kept up on her during ToS decently well. #puglyfe Before I link everything and you linked your guild's posts under this. Just add me agentkay#1332. I prefer talking to people rather than reading a plethora ... 10/15/2017 12:48:01 Unknown Unknown    
 940 Monk [A] 7/9M xp LFG940 Equiped/945 in bags, able to play (Have the legs to support) BrM, MW, and WW. 7/7m, 2/3m, 10/10m xp this xpac. Requirements:-Starts at or later than 9:15 EST - Finishes at or earlier than 1:30 PST- 6/9m+Preferences:-Alliance (Will Consider Paid Xfer for horde of atleast 1 toon)-Social Outside of WoW raidingPlease leave your info and a btag. I will be monitoring this heavily as I am looking to ... 10/15/2017 12:12:01 Unknown Unknown    
 7/9M Resto Shaman LF Raid TeamAs the title states I'm currently looking for a raid team and am 7/9M posted above, if interested please comment down below or add me @ BigBert#1227 10/15/2017 10:36:01 Unknown Unknown    
 936 Equipped Tank LF Mythic / Heroic Raiding GuildI am a 936 equipped prot warrior / 935 equipped blood DK / 932 prot paladin / 932 Destro Lock (can dps on all classes too) LF a raiding guild. Agamaggan realm. Flexible on times. Current XP is ToS HC 9/9.Thanks 10/15/2017 08:36:01 Unknown Unknown    
 3/9M Mage 935 ilvl looking for guildAs the title says i am looking for a mythic guild. My mainspec is ideally fire but I can play frost as well (and know how to play arcane if its best in antorus). I can raid 2-3 days a week and only from 8 pm server time onwards.I would also consider rerolling to an alt if the guild is right. Please get in touch with me via my battletag, Skendar#2625Thank you for your time. 10/15/2017 06:12:01 Unknown Unknown    
 Sub Rogue lf raiding guild- Windrunner(A)Hey there, mature, fun adult looking for a guild interested in raiding. I played vanilla way back in the guild "Council of legends" on horde and "The Guilded Flagon" on alliance. Both were top tier guilds so I'm familiar with raiding and guild operations. I stopped playing right when naxx came out, so quiet awhile back. Recently came back just before ToS launched. I only have an 860 sub rogue and ... 10/15/2017 06:00:01 Unknown Unknown    
 4/9M Exp Group LF Mythic GuildI have 3 people looking for a new guild to call home. Links to each players logs are listed below. Something about us we are all competitive players and are looking for a semi hardcore guild. We give everything we have to the guild and expect everyone to do the same. We are only leaving our current because attendance is an issue and because of that, we don't raid.Availability (All times are in ... 10/15/2017 03:48:01 Unknown Unknown    
 5/9M Hpally and 936 ranged dps LF guildHi, two raiders LF guild. Both 5/9M with mistress to 20%. 935 hpally and a 936 ranged dps.Available days and times from T and Thurs, 8-11:30EST.**Leave your info here and I will contact you.** 10/15/2017 02:36:00 Unknown Unknown    
 Looking for Raiding Guild. Mature/18 Hello all! Recently got back into wow and wanted to start getting into raiding, I don't know if this is the best place to look for one but I think Trade chat in Dalaran is definitely not the answer xD Anyways, let me know what your raiding schedule is and where to contact you! Thanks, P.S. I used to main a prot paladin but we all know where that class stands right now :PI am a 924 ILVL Brewmaster ... 10/15/2017 01:12:01 Unknown Unknown    
 915 Prot war LF guild/Raid teamHello everyone my name is Chris my Bnet tag is Scarecrow#1600 I am as the title says in search of a new guild and raid team and home it doesn't need to be anything serious it can be if that's what you guys are. I have had plenty of experience raiding in a hardcore setting and heroic modes (via when heroic were hard modes) I work a lot during the week and I work nights so I am looking for ... 10/14/2017 23:48:00 Unknown Unknown    
 927 Destro/Afflix Lock LF guild927 Destro/Afflix Lock9/9H 3/9M on my MainLF a consistant group that can clear heroic and maybe step into some slight mythicAvailable Thur,Sun,Mon. 9-12ish (prefer to be finished by 12.)alliance only and pve server onlyNilla151#1658 is my TagNilla151#3063 is my Discord. My discord goes right to my phone so il'll usually get it faster,Thanks and happy hunting 10/14/2017 23:36:01 Unknown Unknown    
 (H)85% Mage Rogue LF 6/9M GuildHey there,We are 2 very strong raiders with 85%+ parses looking for a new mythic raiding guild. Logs are available upon serious inquiry. As the title says, we are a Mage and a Sub Rogue.We are looking for a guild that raids 3 nights a week starting 8 or 9pm PST and ending no later than 12pm PST. We cannot raid on Monday, Friday, Saturday. We would prefer a Pacific (PST) Server... But lets see ... 10/14/2017 23:12:01 Unknown Unknown   RM
 930 Prot Warrior LFGI'm 9/9 HToS aotc earned almost entirely through pugging. I'm looking for a guild that is doing mythic content around 9pm CST. I'm an old veteran that quit after WotLK, recently came back for Legion. Loving the game, but having a hard time finding a good group of folks wanting to do mythic raiding.I will transfer realms, race, faction, w/e. Just want a mature guild attempting mythic content. 10/14/2017 21:36:01 Unknown Unknown    
 932 Protection Paladin LFGHi all! after taking a break due to RL and general burnout at the start of ToS i've decided to return to raiding in anticipation of Antorus.I've been raiding since Kara in TBC, mostly casual untill MoP. I"m looking for a solid group to raid mythic on a lighter schedule since raiding 3-4 days a week just isn't something i'm interested in anymore. Relevant info:the earliest i can raid is 9PM EST, ... 10/14/2017 21:12:01 Unknown Unknown    
 937 Blood DK LF evening raiding guild.Hello. I have a 937 Blood DK i recently switched to my main.. i used to main a 931 assassination rogue but i got tired of worrying about my numbers on the meters, and weither i was parsing well, and what not. so i switched to tank, so i wouldnt have to worry about that as much.. Little about me, ive been playing WoW now since BC.. started raiding hardcore in cata. took some breaks here and there, ... 10/14/2017 21:00:01 Unknown Unknown    
 [6/9m] LF M guild that raids from at least 20:30 STHi, I'm a 6/9 Shadow Priest looking for a guild that raids from at least 20:30. I'm willing to transfer server if need be. 10/14/2017 19:24:01 Unknown Unknown    

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