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 Feral Druid and Frost mage LF PVP guildWe either want to find or start an active pvp guild for RBG's and Arena progression 5/01/2017 15:12:00 Unknown PvP   DM
 [H] 906 DH 6/10M NH LF WEEKEND GuildDue to work schedule I can't make weekday raids.. I'm in need of a new home and desperate at that I need sleep! I'm currently looking for a Weekend Guild(can't be morning) I'm not looking to go backwards and would expect the guild i'm going to be at least 6/10 mythic. Prefer horde but will consider Alliance.Looking for a guild that has active members and have the same interest on leveling their ... 4/30/2017 20:24:00 Horde PvE    
 [H][THRALL] 881 Demon Hunter LF 10/10H GuildI am a returning wow player in search of a 10/10H Guild. A Mythic progression Guild is also on my mind. I took a break around the beginning of Trial of Valor and just returned last month. I am currently 881 Ilvl and I know my class inside and out. I am one who simcrafts to perfect my class and I also research all fights and ensure the highest DPS. I am not interested in moving to other servers or ... 4/28/2017 12:36:00 Horde PvE   DhH
 [H] 908 DH Tank LF Mythic GuildI'm a 8/10M experience tank looking for a Mythic raiding guild. My current guild fell apart due to attendance issues. I can raid any day of the week from 6pm-12am CST. I want to stay Horde but am willing to faction change if needed. Currently on Illidan but can transfer servers ASAP.A little bit about my past raiding experience, started playing WOW in MoP but was very casual, WOD was when I ... 4/27/2017 09:36:00 Horde PvE    
 9/10M Exp Brewmaster monk LF a English 3 nights a week raiding guild.Current guild has basically retired right as we killed Elisandre Mythic.I am searching for a guild that raids from 20.15 server time earliest onwards.(Please armoury/warcraft log me as I am not allowed to post links in the forums yet)Depending on what gear setup you see on armoury, I have 3 sets for tanking, 1 set which is heavily based around magic dmg, 1 set based around taking melee dmg and a ... 4/26/2017 01:36:00 Unknown PvP    
 (H) 910 Holy Priest LFGCurrently 4/10 mythic with Spellblade and Bot exp. Looking for a guild that is in need of a healer for mythic progression. Sadly I can't post logs here but add my btag Dustin#1793. The days that work are monday to saturday after 5pm pst. 4/25/2017 19:00:00 Horde PvE    
 907 Guardian Druid LF Mythic Progression GuildI have 6/10 Mythic experience, having killed Krosus, Spellblade, and Tichondruis. I am looking for a guild that has similar or better progression. My available times are Tues-Sat anytime after 7 PM EST. What I am looking for in a guild is an active community and a comfortable environment. I'm on almost every night running Mythic plus or grinding AP. I am currently at 47 traits in my mainspec ... 4/25/2017 14:12:00 Unknown PvE    
 900 Affliction Warlock LF Late Night Weekday Raid GuildMy name is Murdaamook. I currently main a iLvL 900 Affliction Warlock. I have a few other alt characters around the 850- 870 iLVL. Been playing wow since BC. Stopped for a while, picked it back up again on Legion release. I have raid XP and pick up on mechanics extremely quickly. I am currently looking for an older Mature Raiding Guild for some late night weekday raiding. I am available to raid ... 4/24/2017 15:12:00 Unknown PvE    
 Alliance US Fuzzy Tentacles LF guild to run mythic NH with usWe are looking for another guild with about 10 players to join us in mythic Night Hold. Raiding Tuesday and Thursday possibly adding Wednesday or Friday in. No stress to join. Just trying to slay bosses. We've had trouble recruiting quality players for 20 man. Wanting to give this a try. Also looking to recruit any dps. We can help gear you up past 900 item level. We just need quality players. ... 4/24/2017 13:36:00 Alliance PvE    
 903 shadow priest lf 2 day guild prefer weekendsHEY! Looking for a guild to call am 3/10 myth with all previous content cleared.. I have not been raiding for a while so my logs are not that great for 7.2 but would gladly try out.I am always preparedReady to clear content. 4/18/2017 18:00:00 Unknown PvE    
 (H) 909 Retribution Paladin LF Mythic Raiding909 Retribution Paladin currently looking to do Mythic level content and Mythic + Spam. My old guild (Simple Math on Andorhal) fell apart from too many veteran players leaving and I didn't really feel like sticking around for them to replace 90% of the roster with new blood. I'd like an easy going and active guild that is into not only raiding together but providing a fun environment for Mythic + ... 4/17/2017 01:00:00 Horde PvE    
 Fuzzy Tentacles US - Proudmoore Alliance. Looking for guild to run mythic with us.We are looking for another guild with about 10 players to join us in mythic Night Hold. Raiding Tuesday and Thursday possibly adding wednesday in. No stress to join. Just trying to slay bosses. We've had trouble recruiting quality players for 20 man. Wanting to give this a try. 4/15/2017 18:24:00 Alliance PvE    
 903e 6/10m Exp Resto Druid LF Raiding GuildHello everyone, im a semi-hardcore player looking for a late night guild. Im willing to server transfer and/or even faction transfer if needed. Apparently there's not many guilds with late night schedules in illidan and the ones i've found dont need resto druids or are chinese.Due to my work schedule i can only play at OR after 9:30pm ESTProgression: 5/10m with 3% wipes on tichGear: 903equipped ... 4/14/2017 19:48:00 Unknown PvE    
 908 Guardian Druid LF raiding guild.Hey Guys. Thanks for stopping by. As the title suggests, I'm looking for a 3 night semi-hardcore or hardcore raiding guild. I'm willing to transfer and faction change. I have 4/10M(Krosus) experience with progression pulls on Spellblade and Tichondrious. You can PM me or either drop you battle tags and I'll contact you. Thanks for your time. 4/14/2017 15:24:00 Unknown PvE    
 [US] Stormrage 902 H Priest/903 S priest LFGHiya.I'm a 904/903 Holy priest and Shadow priest respectively, with holy being my main spec. I'm currently 10/10 H NH looking to start M NH. Currently on US Stormrage, but can transfer when need be. Can raid any day of the week, but preferably later at night in case work keeps me a little later. I also have an 855 mage that I wouldn't mind gearing up if that's a preference on the guild's part 4/12/2017 16:00:00 Unknown PvE    
 900 Shadow Priest LFGBooplesnoot 900 Shadow Priest (906 Unequipped) Looking for a raiding guild.I been raiding since BC took a break here and there along the way but prior to my current guild I've mostly been a mythic centered player. Although I am for end content I try to focus my "wow experience" on the social level. If i don't like you I probably won't wanna raid with you. That being said I don't see why ... 4/08/2017 17:24:00 Unknown PvE    
 901 R.Druid and 900 Havoc DH LF Progression GuildHi there, friend and I are currently looking for a guild for NH and ToS progression. We both have AOTC 10/10H in Nighthold, and left our last guild due to a disagreement about if we should move into mythic raiding (they didn't want to). We are looking more for a guild with a good group of people both skill and personality wise, rather than a guild that is just looking to blow through progression ... 4/07/2017 23:12:00 Unknown PvE   DhD
 908 8/10M Frost DK LF guildGuild recently disbanded after killing Mythic star augur, so here I am looking for a new home. Btag is Kelraz#11581.Ilvl is 908 equipped, with the 3 BiS frost legendaries - The wrists, ring and belt. I have pretty good knowledge of simcraft and can understand mechanics fairly quickly.I currently raid 12 hours per week but I am open to mostly any raid times. Current guild had to disband due to a ... 4/07/2017 19:48:00 Unknown PvE    
 880 Warlock LF GuildHi. I am a veteran WoW player looking to join a raiding guild. I am gearing quickly and am on often. I am looking to raid Tues - Thurs 10pm - 1am EST. Anything between those times will work for me. I have XP in raiding from the Emerald Nightmare full Heroic clear. Looking to build on that. Looking for a Mature 21+ guild. I have a rogue, restro druid, DH toons as well that are 850+. Willing to ... 4/06/2017 19:24:00 Unknown PvE    
 904 MM hunter LF GuildIm 904 equipped 3/10 mythic with experience in 5/10 currently looking for a guild that raids 10 CST onward on weekdays or that raids late at night from 12 am cst onward would make exceptions depending on situation and it must be a 2 day raiding guild.Im willing to Xfer depending on situationPM for my tag and we can talk. 4/06/2017 17:48:00 Unknown PvE    
 Returning Havoc DH or Shaman LF Late Night Raid GuildHad to step away from WoW for a while. Don't want to go too much into it. Havoc DH is 888 (armory:�môn/advanced) and Shaman is 878 for Enhance and 874 for Ele (armory: Moved to the west coast so I need a guild that starts late (PST). Been a mythic raider since Firelands. DM me here or in game ... 4/06/2017 14:24:00 Unknown PvE   DhS
 [LFG] 898 Fury Warrior LF Late Night Raiding GuildHey all,I'm sort of new to WoW, been playing since the start of Legion and been in love with the game, and I'm already 10/10H and 1/10M on my Fury Warrior. Currently, my work situation has me working mostly nights (to 11pm PDT some nights) which has made raiding with most guilds near impossible. I'm looking for a guild whose raid times preferably start around 12pm PDT on any NA Server, preferably ... 4/06/2017 01:24:00 Unknown PvE    
 905 Ilvl 4/10 M Group LF GuildHello Everyone! After our guild suddenly disbanded, a group of friends and I are looking for a new guild that could hopefully take all of us. Our group consists of:Server: AREA 52907 Mistweaver Monk (Kyoshe)908 Balance Druid (Oddtree)904 Marksman Hunter (Elykken)905 Assassination Rogue (Yoinked)906 Balance Druid (Paoandi)886 Windwalker MonkAll of us aside from the Windwalker Monk have raided ... 4/05/2017 16:00:00 Unknown PvE    
 (Alliance) 4/10 M Group LF GuildHello Everyone! After our guild suddenly disbanded, a group of friends and I are looking for a new guild that could hopefully take all of us. Our group consists of:AREA 52907 Mistweaver Monk (Kyoshe)908 Balance Druid (Oddtree)904 Marksman Hunter (Elykken) 905 Assassination Rogue (Yoinked)906 Balance Druid (Paoandi)886 Windwalker MonkAll of us aside from the Windwalker Monk have raided together ... 4/04/2017 20:12:00 Alliance PvE    
 6/10 M Affliction Lock LF GuildHi everyone,I am affliction lock looking for a new mythic guild. My old guild changed there raid times and I am no longer able to raid with them. My current gear score is 901 and my warcraftlogs are very solid. Would love to be apart of a competitive guilds raiding roster! 4/04/2017 11:00:00 Unknown PvE    
 (H) 906 Retribution Paladin LF Mythic Raiding906 Retribution Paladin currently looking to do Mythic Level raiding content and Mythic + Spam until my eyes bleed from the pretty particle effects. Current guild fell apart from too many veteran raiders leaving from the intense grind and lack of progression. I'm open to almost any raiding schedule but I am staying Horde. My recent raiding achievements include the following realm firsts! as a ... 4/03/2017 21:00:00 Horde PvE    
 Veng DH tank looking for a Mythic guildHi there. I've posted a few places in my search for a new raiding home and it's been pretty ineffective honestly. I'll be as specific as possible to prevent wasting any ones time. My guild stopped raiding when we were 3/10M due in large part to burnout with the AP grind etc. We were a fairly competitive guild in the top 200 in the US at the time so I'm used to putting in the time to be the best ... 4/03/2017 13:12:00 Unknown PvE    
 2/10M 904 Bear Tank LF GuildHello!My previous guild unfortunately has split up due to burnout/real life situations with several members. I am on the lookout for a good team filled with individuals who want to have fun but also take progression seriously.I have raid leader and officer experience in multiple guilds and have been actively playing since Vanilla, with only small hiatuses in MoP and WoD.Being a former raid ... 4/02/2017 17:24:00 Unknown PvE    
 [A] 5/10M Prot Paladin MM/BM Hunter LF Mythic Progression GuildHello,900+ ilvl Protection Paladin and MM/BM Hunter looking for guild.We are currently Alliance and are not interested in swapping Horde at this time.We are both experienced raiders and have cleared 7/7M 2/3M 5/10M (Tich and Krosus) so far this expansion. - main - ... 4/02/2017 01:12:00 Alliance PvE   PaH
 904 Assassin rogue looking for guildHello,I am currently looking to find a guild for progression, i am willing to server transfer if needed. Legion experience -> 7/7M, 2/3M, 3/10M. if you have any questions just add me on Bnet SeaWeasel#11684. 904 ilvl for Assassin with 39 traits (working on 41), 906 ilvl for Sub with 41 traits.pref raiding days -> friday/sat but i can do monday, tues, and thursday tho you will have to give ... 4/01/2017 23:24:00 Unknown PvE    
 870 rogue LF long term raiding guild (Willing to server swap)Hello,I'm coming back from a rather long hiatus of playing this game with a consistent group of guys. Most of them have quit and moved on so I find myself stranded on a low pop server with very few prospects for raiding / pvp. I also have the time now that I've settled into a new job at my company that I can set up some kind of gaming schedule again.In a perfect world, I'm raiding two week nights ... 4/01/2017 12:36:00 Unknown PvE    
 900 Fury War Looking for new homeHey Guys,logs can be found by searching Rhôads On Deathwing US WarcraftlogsA little about me: Been playing since Vanilla, this is my first DPS toon, having always been a healer. Picked up Fury right around the launch of Nighthold and have become as obsessed with it as I was with healing for so long.I was behind the curve with Artifact level and was still able to pull high level parses, which I ... 3/31/2017 16:12:00 Unknown PvE    
 Brewmaster and Marks Hunter lf Mythic Progression Guild (HOME)Hello (please read ENTIRE post),Brewmaster / Prot Paladin Tank and MM / BM Hunter looking for a new raiding home. I am able to play either Tank for progression purposes but would prefer raiding on the Brewmaster currently in Nighthold as they are stronger for most fights. The hunter can play either spec proficiently and will swap depending on what is needed for any given fight.I am not looking to ... 3/31/2017 13:36:00 Horde PvE   MoH
 6/10M Affliction Lock LF Guild (alliance)Hello everyone,My character name is rifythespook on KelThuzad US. I am 6/10 Mythic and am currently looking for a new guild because my guild changed there raid times. You can look at my logs. My parses for everything are extremely well(look for yourself) and am currently looking to raid mythic. I am open for Monday and Tuesday night raid days and possibly Sundays too. Looking for a competitive ... 3/31/2017 01:00:00 Alliance PvE    
 [A] 908 Boomkin (Equipped) 7/10m achieved lf guildAs the title says, currently 7/10m with sub 10% wipes on auger. Guild unfortunately lost some key members due to rl issues and decided to go our separate ways. I can play all druid specs as viable offspecs if required, in addition have a 895 Mage alt i can use if needed for early split runs in ToS. I've raid lead the majority of the expansion, but would prefer to maintain a lesser role from now ... 3/30/2017 17:00:00 Alliance PvE    
 Tank Hunter lf mythic guildAs the title says we are looking for a guild that is in Mythic Nighthold.We are both experienced raiders looking for a mature 2-3 night per week guild that is semi-hardcore at the most. We'd prefer a laid back but progression minded atmosphere. We don't mind wiping a million times to a boss if we're having fun and in a group that we enjoy and want to be in.Alliance preferredTank - 7/7M 2/3M 5/10M ... 3/30/2017 11:24:00 Unknown PvE    
 [A] 882 Rogue LF Raiding guildWow progressRathemias of DarkspearI have logs availableAnything for Emerald Nightmare is for my priest and I was Brokar before on some of the fightsadd me on Btag acLang#11345Willing to transfer to a different server after a trial period 3/29/2017 15:24:01 Alliance PvE    
 [A] 900 Blood DK LF 10/10 H or better.Tank / UH / Frost, Looking to play in that order.Ilservian - US StormrageItem level 900Progression this expansion: 2/7M EN, 3/3H TOV, 8/10H NHNighthold progression: 8/10H, I've had several attempts at both Elisande and Gul'dan on Heroic mostly in pugs. I miss the mythic community that plays at a more serious level and I am looking to play with individual whom share that lifestyle. My availability ... 3/29/2017 10:12:00 Alliance PvE    
 Prot Warrior S.Priest Warlock LF mythic raiding guildHello,We are a group of three IRL friends looking for a mythic raiding guild. We've been raiding together on and off since WotLK so we know how a raiding environment works within a guild. We currently have 3/10 mythic experience (the Shadow Priest has 4/10 mythic) and we are looking for a horde guild with at least the same experience. We are dedicated players, knowledgeable of our classes and ... 3/28/2017 08:24:00 Unknown PvP   PrWWk
 Mythic Tank LF 2/3 dayHello everyone. I am a 3/10M tank with hitting the enrage on Krosus. My guild recently disbanded and I am looking for a new team to progress with.My only requirements are that the team has killed Krosus and is either a 2-3day guild that only raids during the week and ends no later than 12pm est.Here are my Warcraftlogs can find me on:Bnet: ... 3/27/2017 10:48:00 Unknown PvE    
 Rank 1 Mythic Keystone Tank Looking for Mythic RaidingHiKoalasmash on Area 52Death Knight Tank#1 Mythic+ Score Tank in the US Sever clusterI'm looking to get back into organized raiding. I'm available Mon-Fri from 7pm-11pm pacific (with flexibility on either end) and Sat-Sun all day. Guild should have made significant progress through Mythic Nighthold.If you'd like to reach me, you can contact me on Discord: bacon#2653I typically stream my Keystone ... 3/26/2017 22:24:00 Unknown PvE    
 902 Warlock LF Raiding Guild on Thrall- 902 equipped Affliction Warlock (53 close to 54 traits) looking for mythic raiding guild on Thrall. Also have Destro and Demo at 35 traits and will work on either next.- I also play a MW monk (882 ilvl) and can heal all of heroic NH, and M+12 so far.- I am EST, would like to find a guild 8pm EST - 11pm or midnight, 3-4 days a week. Can raid on the weekends as well.Btag- Zealot145#1799 3/26/2017 18:24:00 Unknown PvE    
 892 Feral LF mythic guildHey,I am currently looking to find a guild for progression. I have decided to stop raiding on my main (spriest 4/10M krosus as 4th boss) and I am looking to find a guild that is trying to recruit solid players. Obviously my artifact weapons are not super leveled on these toons but with 7.2 coming on tuesday I will be able to easily catch up.Link to Armory: ... 3/26/2017 17:00:00 Unknown PvE    
 896 Ret Pally LF semi-serious raiding guild Eastern time 5pm-9pm PouletdogcatLooking for a pretty serious guild to progress into nighthold. Took a little break and getting back into the game. Looking to try and raid 5pm-8 or 9pm Eastern. My character is Pouletdogcat on Proudmore, I couldn't link my armor. I have some ok logs as well. I have 10 years of raiding experience and could be a really good contribution to your raid team. Let me know on this or add my battletag ... 3/26/2017 16:36:00 Unknown PvE    
 901 Enhance shaman LF mythic guildLF a guild where the raid starts 9:30 CST or after, can make any days as long as its that time or later. 2/10 M experienceB-tag: Rowycozach#1840 3/26/2017 16:12:00 Unknown PvE    
 899 Holy pally 4/10M exp LF guildI am no longer looking for a guild thank you 3/25/2017 23:24:00 Unknown PvE    
 4/10M 905 Ele/903 Lock/903 HPal LF GuildHey everyone,Our guild peacefully decided to stop raiding because of the roster boss. We're all 4/10M with over 100 attempts on Spellblade and got her to 9% pre-nerf.The 3 of us are looking to relocate permanently to a new guild. We are willing to server xfer for the right guild.We have some specific criteria for the guild we're looking to join:Guild must be 4/10M min or higher.We can only raid ... 3/25/2017 22:24:00 Unknown PvE    
 [A] Frost DK in Alonsus LF raiding guildReturning player (since mid-december) seriously looking for mythic raiding guild.Yajnaji#2627 3/25/2017 18:24:00 Alliance PvP    
 2 Players (Prot Warrior/MM Hunter) LF new home/Mythic raidingFirst off, hello everyone!As the title says, my girlfriend and I are currently looking for a new guild and server to run with. We have a very strong preference for Alliance right now, having grown tired of Horde. We will cover ALL costs of transferring ourselves.Our Classes and RolesAs far as available characters, I main a Protection Warrior, and she is currently maining Marksman Hunter. Both are ... 3/25/2017 14:48:00 Unknown PvE   WH
 Draenor Tank looking for guild ((H)Hello,I am an 898 blood dk tank looking to raid and progress with a guild with a tanking spot. I am not willing to switch to other specs, I am only playing tank.My current progression with my previous guild is 10/10. The reason I left was because it disbanded.I have been hopping between guilds trying to find a guild that solely wants a tank. Not to be benched until needed. I really want to settle ... 3/25/2017 14:24:00 Horde PvP    

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