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 DH tank/Havoc LF competitive guild 890Current Ilvl: 890 Equipped894 Unequippedmy logs are usally above 80% percentile for my ilvl and class . Warcraft logs on request - on request - Exp:started raiding back in cataclysm, where i joined my first raiding guild; (all raids were done during when the ... 1/30/2017 18:54:02 Unknown Unknown    
 883 MW monk looking for guildI am 13/13m from HFC with my guild finishing at around 150 usI started playing again after a small hiatus from WoW in EN and have worked hard to gear my monk up to a viable healer!I started raiding early into WoD adn moved my way up to be in top 100 us guild!I wasn't happy with my class choice and rerolled back to my monk a month or so ago.Here are some ... 1/30/2017 18:54:02 Unknown Unknown    
 898 Warrior Tank Looking For Guild. 7/7M, 1/3M, 10/10H1) PERSONAL INFORMATIONA. Personal Name *Ricky Guillot B. Age and Gender * 44, Male C. Where are you from? *Scotland2) YOUR CHARACTERA. Server * RavencrestB. Character Name *Riderr C. Race and Class *Night Elf, Warrior D. Number of days played (/played) *700+ (on this character)E. Anything else you would like to mention about your character to make it shine? *This character is as old ... 1/30/2017 18:54:02 Unknown Unknown    
 [H] Shadow Priest LF M GuildHello! I am a Shadow Priest looking for a mythic raiding guild. Currently I am 7/7 Mythic, 10/10 Normal, and 9/10 Heroic. My item level is 884. I am looking for a guild wanting to progress and kill end tier bosses on mythic level difficulty. I am looking to also farm M+ with the guild and make friendships and be involved! If interested, please post or add me on Battle Tag:Kayla#12952 1/30/2017 18:54:01 Horde PvE    
 897ilvl 1/10M Resto Shaman LF GuildHi my guild recently disbanded so im in need of a new home.Im looking for a guild that gives me the chance to raid heroic / mythic atleast 2-3times a week.One problem I have is that I work shift, so every third week, I wont be availble to raid during mon-friday 14.00-23.00, otherwise im always available to raid.Im very dedicated and loyal to the guild Im playing with, and will always try to play ... 1/30/2017 18:54:01 Unknown Unknown    
 888 SPriest LFGHello,My main is named Homeycheese, a SPriest on Zul'Jin. And I'm looking for a heroic/mythic guild to progress with. I can run any days, but Sun-Thursday I can only run until around 11pm EST. I have about 10 total years experience in WOW, and lately have my AOTC for Archimonde, Xavius, Helya, and Gul'dan. Just sick of having to pug to run so much as heroic or a mythic +. I will post a link to ... 1/30/2017 18:54:01 Unknown Unknown    
 890 Warrior Tank Looking For Guild. 7/7,1/3 Mythic1) PERSONAL INFORMATIONA. Personal Name *Ricky GuillotB. Age and Gender *44, MaleC. Where are you from? *Scotland2) YOUR CHARACTERA. Server *OutlandB. Character Name *RiderrC. Race and Class *Night Elf, WarriorD. Number of days played (/played) *700+ (on this character)E. Anything else you would like to mention about your character to make it shine? *This character is as old as Warcraft itself. I ... 1/30/2017 18:54:01 Unknown PvP    

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