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 367 DK LF west coast raiding<p>Used to do mainly M+ with friends but they’ve all quit for various reasons.</p><p>Looking to get back into raiding, currently playing blood but happy to DPS also. Wondering if there are any west coast raiding guilds who raid Sunday and/ or Monday. My work schedule doesn’t let me raid normal OCE times. Have plenty of past tiers raiding experience.</p><p>Feel free to hit me up here or Nutrition ... 12/09/2018 23:12:00 Unknown Unknown    
 377 BM hunter LF Mythic raiding<p>Title says it all looking for a guild with a consistent Roster of 20 looking to finish out Uldir and push into 8.1 going for CE. Im currently 2/8 M with plenty of Progression on M Zek’voz. 2-3 raid nights a week. I also like to do some M+ and alt raids.</p><p>Days: Tues/Wed/Thurs</p><p>Times: Any times on those days</p><p>Logs: Available on request</p><p>Discord: Flinshot#6158</p><p>Bnet: ... 12/09/2018 22:36:00 Unknown Unknown    
 372 Blood DK LFG<p>Hi there! I am a 372 Blood DK looking for an active horde raiding guild that can raid sunday, monday or tuesday from 8pm to midnight (US-east). I am curently 7/8 H Uldir. I am not particularly looking for a M raiding guild, a Heroic or even a guild that progress from Normal is good. I am just looking for a guild that raid each week in my time frame and is fun to raid with. I am not available ... 12/09/2018 21:12:00 Unknown Unknown    
 6/8M 377 Survival/BM Hunter LF guild<p>Sadly I believe my guilds raid team is going to be biting the dust soon so i’m looking for another team to continue where I left off! Seeking Myth Prog</p><p>-I’m CST time and prefer raids starting later at night. 9pm to when ever CST are great starting times and raids lasting 2-3 hours are preferable and 2-3 days a week. If your raid times are close but not within range, i’ll see if I can ... 12/09/2018 20:48:00 Unknown Unknown    
 4/8M LF Raiding guild<p>LF Mythic Progression Guild, Want to Swap to Resto Druid 8.1</p> 12/09/2018 19:00:00 Unknown Unknown    
 380 H paladin and MW monk LF new home 7/8 M exp<p>2 healers looking for a new place to call a long-term home, I and other healer have been healing together for years and just looking for something stable and dependable. 7/8 M exp with over 100 pulls on g’huun.Telwe#1577 is my bnet get ahold of me always open for information or questions. Willing to transfer for a good stable home aswell</p> 12/09/2018 18:24:00 Unknown Unknown   MoPa
 388 Mage/385 Rogue 8/8M players LFG<p>Hello,</p><p>A friend and myself are looking for a new home. Both of us are currently CE with past CE experience or have been high progressed. We prefer to stay Horde and are looking for something on the weekend.</p><p>Characters:Nieve: (388 Mage)Rovo: (385 Rogue)</p><p>Please feel free to post here or message on battlenet.</p><p>Alyrixa#1255Rovolo#1812</p> 12/09/2018 17:24:00 Unknown Unknown   RM
 iLv 352 [A] Balance Druid LF Raiding Guild<p>I’m an alliance ilv 352 Balance Druid looking for a raiding guild. I have experience up to 3/8 mythic in Uldir on other characters. I’m interesting in a guild that plans to do some heroic and eventually some mythic bosses in the next raid tier. I’d like to stay alliance but will definitely be willing to server transfer. If you are interested leave your info and I’ll contact you. ... 12/09/2018 17:24:00 Unknown Unknown    
 369 Boomy LF M+ guild<p>Not huge into raiding, just looking for a guild on Zul’jin that does M+</p> 12/09/2018 16:36:00 Unknown Unknown    
 370+ warrior lf 2d/w guild<p>Hey.</p><p>I have played Wow since vanilla and some other mmo.I’m a prot/arms warrior that really liks raiding and m+ and looking for a new guild to play with.</p><p>I have cleared hc and would like to progress on mythic.I’m a 30 year old guy with a kid, so looking for a guild that raids 2 days a week and not to late either. =)I can server/faction change if the guild looks nice.</p><p>If this ... 12/09/2018 16:12:00 Unknown Unknown    
 368 Hunter LF Mythic Raiding Guild<p>2/8M on my druid 8/8 H on my hunter</p><p>Working on my ilvl got bad rng for my helm so far. RIPI have cutting edge experience last expansion.Looking for permanent home.</p><p>I have talked to a few guilds and I am not looking for a bench spot. I want to be able to trial and have a spot. I don’t mind rotating dps or heals out.</p><p>Havemibabiez#1710</p> 12/09/2018 15:24:00 Unknown Unknown    
 375 Tank LF Raid Team<p>Looking for a new home to raid i’m currently 8/8H 2/8M, doesn’t have to be a mythic guild i’m perfectly fine with heroic but i’m up for mythic i have the experience but as it stands i can only raid on tues/thursday or on the weekend cuz of my job, my monk is 375 currently gearing a pally and blood dk if i decide to swap for the next tier, also got 2 buddies who would like to come along they ... 12/09/2018 15:12:00 Unknown Unknown    
 Monk 360+ in all specs LF early morning/early afternoon raiding guild<p>Hello all, as the title states, I am 360+ in all of my specs. Willing to fill any role needed. I am looking to find an early morning/early afternoon guild due to my career, that is the best time for me. I have not raided/played since WotLK, however, I will research fights, etc to get the job done.</p><p>Thank you for your time.</p> 12/09/2018 14:36:00 Unknown Unknown    
 [h] 2/8m - 384 balance druid lf guild<p>What I’m looking for:</p>A horde guild, preferably in my battlegroup, that focuses on mythic progression.I’m looking to raid 2 days per week. No preference on specific days.A guild that does stuff outside of raiding hours aswell.<p>What can I offer:</p>I have been playing since early Wotlk and have been raiding on and off on pretty decent levels. I consider myself an experienced and mature ... 12/09/2018 14:12:00 Horde Unknown    
 [H] 3/8M 382 Tank/Dps Dk LFG<p>key points</p>I main blood but I can play both off specs and do not mind switching between eitherpreference to week night guilds my timezone is CST or GMT +6I am looking to find a dedicated guild I can stick with for the expansion as I have been plagued by the roster boss since launch<p>About me:I did mythic progression back in WoD on ally sargeras where my character was Shyglizzy and took a ... 12/09/2018 13:48:00 Unknown Unknown    
 380 Holy Paladin LF NEW HOME<p>Hey i’m looking for a mythic raiding guild that raids 2 to 3 times a week. I am currently 4/8m. I also have logs. Willing to transfer if fit is right. Raids must be friendly to east coast time zones, ending before 1:00 AM Eastern. Alliance is an option. i do play ret when its needed. At least 4/8m preferably…</p> 12/09/2018 13:36:00 Unknown Unknown    
 5/8 BM Hunter LF CE<p>BM hunter LF late night raiding guild. 1030 pm eastern time to 230 mondays to fridays and Sunday 8pm to 230 am eastern time. I have cleared 5 of 8M.Bnet headhunter12174Will do horde or alliance and server xfer if team is willing to help with the move. If you are as serious as I am message me on bnet</p> 12/09/2018 13:12:00 Unknown Unknown    
 Looking for Friendly Non-Epic Guild<p>Hi folks. New-ish Holy Priest (68) on Burning Steppes here. (Won’t let me pick my character to post with)Did quite some (dungeon) healing on my holy Paladin back in the day, successfully.Now I’m looking to join a nice guild that is willing to let me learn healing with my Alliance Priest. E.g. run a whole lot of dungeons at a doable pace to get the hang of things.Currently 68-ish, but haven’t ... 12/09/2018 12:48:00 Unknown Unknown    
 Newbies - Me and a friend Looking For Guild<p>Me and a friend just started playing WoW (i used to play shaiya) (we are currently lvl 22) and we are just looking for a guild thats willing to accept two newbies with no wow experience but are looking to grind/gain experience of the game </p><p>Currently we are on Horde on the Ragnaros server</p> 12/09/2018 10:48:00 Unknown Unknown    
 Ilvl 339 Warlock Vet LF Raiding guild Whisperwind<p>been playing off and on since '04. Trying to get more into in-game content. Looking for a guild that is sociable but also has scheduled and consistent raids.</p><p>I’m looking for a long-term guild that I can bring some Alts to as well.</p><p>ilvl - 339Demonology Warlock, with plenty of Affliction experienceCan be on nightly and on weekends</p> 12/09/2018 10:36:00 Unknown Unknown    
 I lvl 360 Havoc DH, CE experienced. LF Serious Raiding Guild<p>Battletag: Mayhem#11713I lvl 360 Havoc DH lf a serious raiding guild aimed at progression in patch 8.1 Have plenty of Mythic raiding exp, raided Mythic all of a legion and have CE: Xavius, finished Legion 10/12 Mythic.Have H Uldir logs available.6/7 Heroic Uldir and had plans to raid Mythic, but due to personal circumstances I had to take an extended and sudden break from the game. My new work ... 12/09/2018 10:12:00 Unknown Unknown    
 374 Protection Warrior. LF myth guild<p>Hello!As the topic says I am currently looking for a raiding guild that have a permanent raiding spot open. That are always looking to finish there weekly M+ and the current mythic raid tier (if you also do a bit of pvp im all in), but still likes to have fun and joke around as we move along. Currently I am 8/8 H. I prefer to raid three nights a week. I’m available all days after 21:00 CET and ... 12/09/2018 10:00:00 Unknown Unknown    
 Roomates LF Horde Guild- Thrall<p>Hey yall My roomate and I play horde side on thrall, we both have a couple toons I main shadow (don’t laugh) and he plays blood dk and resto shaman (i know much more desireable) we’re around 350ish item level and really enjoy mythics and are currently pushing keys. We’re also looking for a guild who wouldn’t mind taking the time to teach us the raids or learn with us. I just don’t have the ... 12/09/2018 03:24:00 Unknown Unknown    
 376ilvl MW LF mythic guild<p>376ilvl mw main LF a good serious mythic guild to progress with I am free any day or weekend and either horde or alliance works well for me I am currently on horde. I took a few month break from pve but really wannt get back into it IF interested please add me Trust#11723</p> 12/09/2018 02:00:00 Unknown Unknown    
 [H] 380 Havoc DH LFG for Mythic Progression<p>2/8 M Experience but current guild stopped raiding due to members quitting.</p><p>While player are leaving in droves, I’m still highly active in the game with a lvl 35 neck. Keeping busy with pvp and old content but still got that progression itch. Also looking forward to 8.1 raids.</p><p>Preferably looking for a guild that raids on my off days which fall on Sun/Mon/Tues.</p><p>Horde only ... 12/09/2018 01:36:00 Unknown Unknown    
 US H 379 Havoc LF Weekend Prog Guild<p>I’m a Havoc Demon Hunter looking for a guild that fits my schedule that will progress into Mythic during 8.1. I am currently on the Thrall server, but am willing to transfer, especially if it is closer to my timezone (PST).I am 379 ILVL and high parsing with 2/8M progression. I pick up and learn mechanics quickly. I started playing during Legion and Uldir was my first raid tier. I would have ... 12/09/2018 01:36:00 Unknown Unknown    
 382 hunter Lf Alliance Guild<p>Recently Went Horde but wanting to get back to alliance to play the game with Real Life friends, although they do not pve all that much I am looking for a serious Mythic raiding guild that wants to push Cutting Edge, and a guild that runs RBG’s is a plus. My current progression is 2/8M with 70 pulls on Zek, add Btag: oicu81 #11340 logs are Smashzero-Turalyon-us</p> 12/09/2018 01:36:00 Unknown Unknown    
 384 Ret Pally LF 6/8-7/8 M Guild<p>Currently 6/8M progression I would love to get cutting edge as well as pushing high level mythic keysMy main role is ret but I can play prot at a high level as wellI can raid any times any days of the week Also in the process of gearing a warlock to altIf you need logs they are all current with Squishadin-Thrall on warcraftlogsBtag: PrimeSquishy#1676</p> 12/09/2018 01:24:00 Unknown Unknown    
 374 warlock Looking for Weekend Raiding guild:<p>I am looking for a relatively hard core, 2-3 night weekend (Friday, Saturday, and/or Sunday) raiding guild. When my last guild died, I took a 2 month hiatus to deal with some person matters, and now am ready to start progression again.</p><p>What I am looking for:</p>2-3 night progressionGuild that is at least 3/8 mythicGuild with talented players and good leadership.Preferably on a larger ... 12/09/2018 01:12:00 Unknown Unknown    
 [A][NA] 380 Protection Paladin Looking For Casual Raiding / M+<p>Hey everyone!</p><p>I am looking for a pretty casual raiding guild / group that does mythic plus. I want to kill bosses(successfully ideally), get loot, and most importantly have some fun. Im a 30 year old that works a 9-5, has a girlfriend that I live with and two dogs - so im not looking for another job or any extra chores to do when I sit down to play.</p><p>I would prefer a laid back ... 12/09/2018 01:00:00 Unknown Unknown    
 [H] 385 7/8M Tank (Protadin/Monk) LFG<p>I’m a 7/8M Protadin looking for a guild.</p>I would pref 7/8M+ with previous cutting edge experience; but I am open to 6/8M guilds if they have previous CEs.I always bring my own consumables (armor AND str pots, fully enchanted, and always have flasks &amp; food on hand if necessary).I love to do M+, especially Atal’Dazar (gimme my trinket you darn dinosaur!).I really enjoy having a guild that ... 12/09/2018 01:00:00 Unknown Unknown    
 Mage or Paladin LF Mythic Guild<p>Mage’s Name is Exploit on Cho’gall for logs/armory purposes.Date Posted:12/8/2018Class/Spec: Paladin/Holy, Mage/Frost or Fire (haven’t touched arcane really)Faction: Horde preferredServer: Cho’gall, would like to transferCleared: 2/8M 8/8H with Zek to 3%** ... 12/09/2018 01:00:00 Unknown Unknown   MPa
 Experienced Guardian Druid LF Guild for M Prog (380 ilvl)<p>Hello Everyone,</p><p>I’m a Bear tank with 8/8 Heroic and 1/8M and multiple attempts on zek, mother, and fetid (through pugging). Looking for a guild to progress through Uldir and Dazar’alor. I always come prepared with consumables and having researched fights beforehand. Willing to adjust to fit guild needs. Interested in running m+ and alts runs as well.</p><p>Willing to transfer, but would ... 12/09/2018 01:00:00 Unknown Unknown    
 333 Fury Warrior LFGuild Late PST Weekdays<p>Hi all,</p><p>First, I know my item level is low, this character is relatively new to 120 and is a work in progress. I’ll be updating the gear ilvl periodically as appropriate.</p><p>I’m looking to join an established guild that works week nights. The last raiding experience that I was serious about was SoO, in which I played a destro lock. I missed raiding quite a bit over the past several ... 12/09/2018 01:00:00 Unknown Unknown    
 Aggramar 374 8/8 H Rogue LF Mythic Uldir Progression<p>Hi, looking to start mythic progression in Uldir before siege of Zuldazar releases. I do have AOTC (8/8H) but have yet to start any mythic raiding. I’m raid ready every night and know just about every m+. I’m definitely ready to progress keystones as well since last guild rarely ran lower keys. That’s not to say I left my guild because of lack of progress. It was disbanded recently as GM ... 12/09/2018 01:00:00 Unknown Unknown    
 Group of 3 LF Mythic guild<p>Hello, myself and two of my friends are currently looking for a Mythic guild to join. All three of us have 2/8M exp in this expansion so far. But all 3 have done Mythic in Legion and more.</p><p>Toons:Player 1: Manteca 380/382ilvl Balance/Guardian Druid but could gear warrior is need be.Past exp: (WoD) 4/7M HM - 7/10M BRF - 11/13M HFC (Legion) 2/7M EN - 1/3M ToV - 5/9M ToS - 4/10M NH - 9/11M ... 12/08/2018 22:36:00 Unknown Unknown    
 380+ Rsham 375 H priest 4/8m LFG<p>Willing to transfer if fit is right prefer late night or weekend raid times.</p><p>Add on bnet Feltech#1479</p> 12/08/2018 22:12:00 Unknown Unknown   SPr
 [H] 376 Holy Paladin LF mythic raiding guild<p>Hello all, I’m looking for a mythic raiding guild for the new tier. I have 7/8M experience on my main, Meliv-Emeralddream.</p><p>Would like to push hard for CE on my Paladin next tier as well, only times I can’t make is Tues/Wed 8:30est until 12est due to main team.</p><p>To clarify, I’m looking for a guild for my PALADIN on HORDE. I am willing to server transfer as well. I’m a quick learner ... 12/08/2018 21:36:00 Unknown Unknown    
 [H] 3/8m 377 rogue LF guild<p>Some key points here:</p><p>1.) Will be staying horde, sorry Alliance peeps, but it’s where my RL friends are.</p><p>2.) Raids must be friendly to east coast time zones, ending before 1:00 AM Eastern, preferably a bit earlier, weekdays only.</p><p>3.) At least 5/8m, preferably further</p><p>4.) Was a top 10 US parsing rogue back in ToT and SoO in MoP, but stopped playing the game when WoD came ... 12/08/2018 21:36:00 Unknown Unknown    
 376 Windwalker Monk LFG - LATE NIGHT or DAY TIME<p>Currently 2/8 M 8/8H with prior raid experience. Looking for a Late night SMT or Day time WTFS guild. After 9pm CST for Late Night or before 3pm CST DAY Time</p> 12/08/2018 21:12:00 Unknown Unknown    
 367 Brewmaster Monk LF Mythic Raiding Guild<p>Looking for Raiding guild on Stormrage.</p><p>Available on weekdays after 7PM CST and weekends.</p> 12/08/2018 21:00:00 Unknown Unknown    
 [H] 3/8M 377 Rogue LF East Coast Guild<p>Some key points here:</p><p>1.) Will be staying horde, sorry Alliance peeps, but it’s where my RL friends are.</p><p>2.) Raids must be friendly to east coast time zones, ending before 1:00 AM Eastern, preferably a bit earlier, weekdays only.</p><p>3.) At least 5/8m, preferably further</p><p>4.) Was a top 10 US parsing rogue back in ToT and SoO in MoP, but stopped playing the game when WoD came ... 12/08/2018 20:36:00 Unknown Unknown    
 Druid looking for casual guild<p>Hi all, I’m a returning player looking for a casual guild for social activities, dungeons and raiding. My main is a balance/resto druid horde-side on EU Shattered Halls.</p> 12/08/2018 20:00:00 Unknown Unknown    
 370+ shaman LF guild that raids on or after 11pm Pacific time<p>Hello,I’m a veteran player looking for a new home on the the 11pm or later time slot in the pacific time zone. I have a good attitude, super relaxed and responsible. Always have my enchants, pots, flasks and food for my raiding spec. Currently i have gear for any of the 3 shaman specs but playing elemental and restoration in raiding environment. My current guild is small and it has stuggled ... 12/08/2018 19:12:00 Unknown Unknown    
 367 Resto Druid LFGuild<p>Vanilla player looking for a guild that runs mythic, and raids. Currently 6/8H. Alliance AD.</p> 12/08/2018 19:00:00 Unknown Unknown    
 Reroll Lock 360 ilv atm LFG<p>thanks for stopping by. I am swapping back to old trusty warlock for the rest of Uldir and 8.1. Free after 6PM est . Looking for a Mythic prog guild to clear content with. a group with Cutting edge in mind. well rounded player willing to try out for a core spot. Btag Floburnz#1571</p> 12/08/2018 18:24:00 Unknown Unknown    
 Newer player looking for pvp guild<p>New to the game looking to find a decent guild for pvp the ACTUALLY CARES ABOUT ITS MEMBERS AND DOESNT JUST WANT NUMBERS. I am looking to get into pvp so I’d love some guidance. If anyone has a opening, add me iiicarus#1223.</p> 12/08/2018 18:24:00 Unknown PvP    
 381 Havoc DH LF Mythic raiding guild<p>The team 2 that I am a part of just got cancelled in my guild and i don’t feel like competing for one spot against a ton of other players so I’m putting myself out there. I’m 3/8M and have experience on vectis and fetid. My DH’s name is Asmâdeus and I have a 375 frost/blood DH that is able to go into mythic. I’m also in the process of gearing up my warlock. Days that im able to raid are ... 12/08/2018 17:48:00 Unknown Unknown    
 Holy Paladin LF Raiding Guild<p>Hi there,</p><p>as the title says I’m looking for a Raiding Guild that might have a spot for an Holy Pally in its roster. I used to play Hunter and Mage but always wanted to play a Healer and lately I’ve been doing it and having lots of fun.I’d like to switch to that as a main and my actual guild doesn’t need one so I’m trying to find a new “home”. With my old characters I’m 3/8 M Uldir.I’m a ... 12/08/2018 17:36:00 Unknown Unknown    
 373 Warlock (AOTC) Silvermoon EU LF Mythic Raiding Guild<p>Hi Im Tz, I main an affliction Warlock and came back to WoW for BFA. I enjoy raiding and have been doing so since legion, and im currently trying to max out my warlock ready for the next tier. Currently 8/8 H AOTC.</p><p>What I am looking forIm looking for a guild that has active players that participate in mythic plus dungeons +10 regularly, and one that has an established Uldir mythic ... 12/08/2018 17:12:00 Alliance Unknown    

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