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About WoW Lemmings

WoW Lemmings is a site I put together to assist me in very quickly scouring the WoW Recruitment forums to find new candidates for my guild. I let a few of my guild's officers give it a try and they thought that other people might find use out of it as well. it is.

There's no magic involved, it's a pretty basic application: WoW Lemmings parses the first page of the WoW Guild Recruitment Forums, looks for new posts, and parses the title of each post, attempting to determine if it is a person looking for a guild (which I care about), or a guild trying to recruit new people (which I don't). I then score it, based on a number of internal rules I made up that help me when I look for new people applying to my guild. It tries to extract information from the subject of the post, such as your faction, class, and what type of server you're on.

I also added an idiot filter, which is basically just another score you receive for typos and additional select keywords. You have been warned! Rogues of the world...please learn how to spell your class name! If you don't care about typos, you can leave the idiot filter off.

About Me

I'm Hanzo. I've been building web applications professionally for 10 years. My proficiency is ColdFusion, but I also dabble in other scripting languages, such as PHP, and do most of the database design and programming at my current job as well. In my spare time I play a lot of WoW. I have lead the same guild since WoW's launch and we have no sign of stopping any time soon.

Some people may remember me from another application I built years ago that parsed HTML, that was also, ironically, based off of a Blizzard game, Diablo II. That game was "Unweb".

I'd like to hear from you! If you like the tool, or think you have found a bug, please contact me. I'm always looking for suggestions and improvements, and new words to add to the idiot filter. :)


If you like WoW Lemmings, and get use out of this application, especially the RSS feeds, please take the time to donate to my cause. Hosting is not free, and every little bit helps towards future tweaks and updates! I thank you very much in advance.